Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer Nathan Hughey $300,00 Settlement

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Hughey Law Firm Injury Lawyers, West Ashley wreck lawyer case settled for $300,000.00 yesterday. Top rated attorney Nathan Hughey has handled hundreds of accident cases...Read More

A very inspiring story About Overcoming Odds – Charleston lawyer Nathan Hughey

10/24/13 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Stories like this touch my heart and fuel me with a drive to be the best I can be. Zach Hodskins certainly is doing his part. This post is from SouthCarolina accident attorney Nathan Hughey. It originally appeared in the AJC....Read More

How to Bust the Caps – Avoiding Tort Reform Damages Caps – Hughey Law Firm Injury Laywers

10/16/13 | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Settlements
South Carolina has limitations on what an injured person can recover in certain types of lawsuits covered by our tort reform statutes.  Recovery is not limited, however, to those amounts.  Contact a South Carolina injury la...Read More

$1.9 Million Verdict in South Carolina on Medical Malpractice Case Yesterday – Hughey Law Firm Injury Blog

10/11/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Settlements
The verdict was for $1,250,000.00 in non-economic damages, and $704,000.00 in economic damages.  This highlights the fact that South Carolina’s tort reform caps do not apply in a case where the jury finds reckless cond...Read More

South Carolina Dram Shop Lawyer Nathan Hughey – Employer liability for drunk driving accidents and deaths

09/10/13 | Brain Injury, Personal Injuries, Settlements
Hughey Law Firm Injury lawyers and Charleston drunk driving liability Lawyer Nathan Hughey have received verdicts and settlements totaling millions of dollars in liquor liability claims.  We were involved in the Husk Restaur...Read More

South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyer Nathan Hughey – Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death of Student Killed by ATV at Football Practice

08/26/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Brain Injury, Personal Injuries, Settlements
ASHEVILLE — A lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the Buncombe County Board of Education and Roberson High football coach Jim Beatty contributed to the death of a student who was run over by ATV at the school. An admin...Read More

Assisted Living Abuse Video

08/24/13 | Personal Injuries
Or click here for video.Read More

Assisted Living Greed – SC Attorney Nathan Hughey

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Assisted Living Facilities are run by companies who are out for profit.  They aggressively market the facilities because the bottom line is to produce profits, not to provide care.  There is zero compassion, only greed. Pat...Read More

Trial lawyer Ron Motley dies

08/22/13 | Personal Injuries
Ron Motley was an interesting guy.  I learned a lot by going against his firm when I was a defense lawyer, and I remember being fascinated by his flair both as his office and in his home for his wedding in recent years.  &#...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Nathan Hughey

07/24/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Workers' Comp
South Carolina brain injury lawyer Nathan Hughey has handled cases involving traumatic brain injuries to clients.  These include fractured skull lawsuits, head injury claims, brain injury settlements, and others. PSYCHIATRY:...Read More

SC Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Nathan Hughey – South Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorneys Hughey Law Firm

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South Carolina hospital negligence attorney Nathan Hughey handles claims including hospital falls, hospital malpractice, ER negligence, South Carolina hospital wrongful death claims and other similar matters.  Contact SC mal...Read More

Slip and Fall Lawyer Nathan Hughey. South Carolina $1.65 Million Dollar Settlement Dock Collapse

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Woman Injured In Dock Collapse Settles Claim For $1.625 Million By Gregory Froom South Carolina Lawyers Weekly A woman whose leg was crushed when a dock collapsed at a Cherry Grove vacation home has settled her claims against...Read More

Fraud Attorneys and SC Unfair Trade Practices Lawyers Hughey Law Firm – Investors Recover Money from Scam

07/11/13 | Personal Injuries
South Carolina breach of contract attorney Nathan Hughey and business litigation lawyers Hughey Law Firm have represented victims of fraud and unfair trade practices.  Nathan Hughey has successfully tried unfair trade practi...Read More

Hispanic Injury Lawyers Hughey Law Firm Spanish Speaking Clients Who Suffer Discrimination – Abagado de Accidentes Nathan Hughey

07/11/13 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Abagado de Accidentes Nathan Hughey Charleston, South Carolina.  Hispanic Discrimination Attorneys at Hughey Law Firm have represented injured Hispanic clients as well as those discriminated against in the workplace.  Attor...Read More

GM recall of defective products. Hughey Law Firm handles defective products cases

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GM recall of defective products. Hughey Law Firm handles defective products cases. See $650,000.00 amputation settlement. More

SC Malpractice Attorneys – Hughey Law Firm – Supreme Court Issues Tort Reform Ruling

07/09/13 | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries
The South Carolina Supreme Court issued a ruling affecting South Carolina malpractice lawyers such as Nathan Hughey and Hughey Law Firm on July 8, 2013 in the case of Ross v. Waccamaw.  In that case, the Supreme Court addres...Read More

Tort Reform in South Carolina Part 1: The Damages Caps Associated with Tort Reform in South Carolina

04/10/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Uncategorized, Workers' Comp
I, Nathan Hughey, have had the opportunity to teach “tort reform” to other lawyers and professionals within the State of South Carolina since “tort reform” was enacted in this state in 2005.  From the beginning, I re...Read More


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Defamation allows a plaintiff to recover for injury to reputation as the result of the defendant’s communication to others of a false message about the plaintiff. Slander is a spoken defamation while libel is a written ...Read More