Bedsore Stages

06/05/24 | Bedsores
Bedsores are common in nursing homes, where residents may have limited mobility. Understanding the stages of bedsores—from initial redness to severe tissue damage—is crucial for recognizing signs of a problem and taking p...Read More

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

06/03/24 | Abuse and Neglect
What is nursing home abuse? It’s a horrible problem that’s far too common in our country. Untold thousands of our elderly suffer indignities and abuse each year. If you suspect this is happening to a loved one, please don...Read More

What Are Chemical Restraints in Nursing Home Abuse?

05/17/24 | Abuse and Neglect, Nursing Home Abuse
Chemical restraints refer to the use of medications to control behavior or restrict movement in nursing home residents, often without their informed consent. This practice is abusive when used as a form of control rather than...Read More

How to Report a Crime Against the Elderly

05/13/24 | Abuse and Neglect
Crimes against the elderly can take various forms, ranging from financial harm to physical injuries. Unfortunately, these crimes frequently happen to nursing home residents. If you believe that your loved one is the victim of...Read More

Are Nursing Homes Required to Report Falls?

05/06/24 | Abuse and Neglect, Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes are usually required to report resident falls. As part of their regulatory obligations, these facilities are mandated to maintain records of many types of incidents, including falls. Reporting falls is crucial f...Read More

Advocating for Your Parent’s Needs in a Nursing Home

04/22/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes provide a valuable service. They also promise that your family will receive fair treatment and a safe living place. Yet, there are many instances in which this may not occur. For those who are older, simple over...Read More

My Dad Fell in a Nursing Home, Is It Abuse?

04/21/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
A family member may fall in a nursing home due to neglect, negligence, or reckless behavior. If you believe that a nursing home caused a fall that led to medical injuries or other losses, seek the help of a nursing home abuse...Read More

Credible Witnesses in a Nursing Home Case

04/20/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Proving nursing home abuse is never simple. This gets more challenging when residents are afraid or unwilling to discuss what occurred. Then, there is the question about the mental competence of the claims others make. When y...Read More

Nursing Home Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore When Visiting

04/19/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes promise to provide care and support for people who cannot care for themselves for many reasons, including physical limitations, dementia, and much more. Families put extraordinary trust and financial resources i...Read More

Steps to Take if Nursing Home Negligence Causes Death

04/18/24 | Abuse and Neglect
The idea of moving a loved one into a nursing home is never easy. However, you make this decision because you know the nursing home can provide better-skilled care than your loved one can get at their own home or from living ...Read More

Five Signs of Malnutrition in the Elderly

03/22/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Malnutrition occurs when a person’s body does not get the right amount of type of nutrients to support ongoing health and organ function. Malnutrition is a life-threatening condition that can put a person at risk for nu...Read More

What Is a Sacral Pressure Ulcer?

03/21/24 | Bedsores
A sacral pressure ulcer, also known as a decubitus ulcer or bedsore, is a condition that occurs when too much pressure and friction occur on the skin, creating an open wound. Care providers must carefully treat these painful ...Read More

Is a Bedsore Always a Sign of Abuse and Neglect?

03/20/24 | Abuse and Neglect, Bedsores
A bedsore is an ulcer forming on the skin due to pressure from sitting in a chair or laying in a bed too long, often in one position. Bedsores can occur for various reasons but often are the result of negligence. In many situ...Read More

What Should I Do if My Mom Fell in a Nursing Home and Broke Her Hip?

03/19/24 | Abuse and Neglect
This is not an uncommon question: “My mom fell in a nursing home and broke her hip, and I do not feel safe sending her back. Is someone responsible?” When a person in a nursing home falls and suffers an injury, it...Read More

Is a Nursing Home Liable for Falls?

03/18/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
In many cases, nursing homes are liable for falls residents suffer due to the negligence of the facility and its caregivers. Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and skilled nursing homes have a legal duty to create a sa...Read More

When Do Most Falls Occur in Nursing Homes?

02/27/24 | Abuse and Neglect
Your loved one’s safety and well-being are of utmost importance, especially if they are residing in a nursing home. While nursing homes are meant to provide a safe and caring environment for our aging loved ones, the un...Read More

How to Recognize Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

02/21/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes are meant to be a place of comfort and care for our loved ones who require assistance with daily activities. However, instances of nursing home abuse have been on the rise, making it crucial for us to be vigilan...Read More

What to Do if Your Parent Falls in a Nursing Home?

02/15/24 | Abuse and Neglect
Falls can happen to anyone, but the situation can become more serious and complex when they occur in a nursing home. Suppose your parent has experienced a fall in a nursing home. In that case, taking immediate action is essen...Read More

Broken Hip in a Nursing Home – Is It Negligence?

02/09/24 | Abuse and Neglect
Imagine the following scenario: Your frail, elderly loved one resides in a nursing home, where they are supposed to receive professional care and support. One day, you receive a devastating phone call informing you that your ...Read More

Can You Sue a Nursing Home for a Fall?

02/03/24 | Abuse and Neglect
As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to injuries and accidents, and falls, in particular, pose a significant threat to seniors, especially those residing in nursing homes. Unfortunately, falls are a common occurrence ...Read More

Insurance Requirements for Nursing Homes

01/30/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes serve an important purpose in our society, as they provide care and living accommodations for the senior population that cannot live independently. Nursing homes relieve significant burdens from families that ca...Read More

What Happens if a Fall in a Nursing Home Is Unwitnessed?

01/25/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Fall risks increase as people age, and falls are common in long-term care or assisted living facilities. Data shows that about half of nursing home residents suffer at least one fall a year, and fall-related injuries can kill...Read More

My Mom Fell in a Nursing Home – What Can I Do?

01/16/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
When a loved one falls in a nursing home, it can be a distressing and overwhelming experience for both the individual and their family. In such a situation, stay informed about the steps you can take to protect your loved one...Read More

What to Do if Your Loved One is a Victim of Elder Abuse?

01/11/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
Elder abuse is a distressing reality that can happen in various settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even in the comfort of one’s own home. Unfortunately, elder abuse is often underreported...Read More

What are the Main Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

01/05/24 | Nursing Home Abuse
If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it’s natural to have concerns about their well-being. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a growing problem that can disrupt the lives of some of society’s most vulnerab...Read More