Is the Rear Driver Always at Fault in a Rear-End Accident in South Carolina?

12/19/18 | Auto Accidents
Many people may have heard the myth that “the rear driver is always at fault in rear-end accidents.” While it is certainly true that the person driving the rear vehicle is usually at fault, it certainly is not the case th...Read More

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

12/18/18 | Personal Injuries
The question of whether you need a personal injury lawyer after being involved in an accident or suffering an injury is one that is very fact specific, generally to be decided on a case-by-case basis.  However, there are som...Read More

What Causes Pressure Sores?

06/18/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Prolonged pressure that limits blood flow to the skin cause pressure sores, or as they are more commonly known, bedsores. This injury commonly afflicts sedentary people who cannot to move out of certain positions. Remaining i...Read More

FAQ About Nursing Home Abuse Claims

06/04/18 | Abuse and Neglect
It’s difficult to imagine that the nursing home staff tasked with caring for its elderly patrons would ever engage in nursing home abuse. Still, abuse is a national concern for the almost 5 percent of people older than 65 i...Read More

What Are Chemical Restraints in a Nursing Home?

05/28/18 | Abuse and Neglect
If you had to make the difficult decision that your aging parent or relative needs nursing home care, you naturally want to make sure your mother or father receives the best care possible. One factor that it’s important to ...Read More

Nursing Home Residents Should Never Develop Bed Sores

03/26/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Making the decision that your loved one needs the skilled care of a nursing home is never an easy one. Furthermore, it necessitates a good deal of research and investigation to find a facility that will provide your elderly r...Read More

TBIs: Frequently Asked Questions

03/19/18 | Brain Injury
Many kinds of accidents commonly cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Because of their prevalence and their significant negative effects, some working knowledge about TBIs and the ability to recognize this type of injury ca...Read More

Nursing Home Injuries and the Risk of Overmedication

03/12/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Nursing home injuries are some of the most upsetting cases that attorneys come up against. After all, you entrusted your loved one—after what was most likely an agonizing decision-making process—to a nursing home that you...Read More

Spinal Cord Injury FAQ

02/12/18 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can terrify their victims, who often go on to face long-term medical issues that may never resolve—or even disabilities that can prevent them from living independently. It is not surprising, ther...Read More

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

01/08/18 | Abuse and Neglect
If your loved one lives in a nursing home, chances are you worry about her well-being and whether she receives proper treatment. South Carolina law expects nursing homes to meet a specific standard of care. This involves prov...Read More

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in South Carolina

08/02/17 | Uncategorized
If you have been involved in some kind of accident, whether it be a car accident or slip and fall, you may decide that you want to hold the other party legally responsible for your injuries.  Although there are some instance...Read More

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

07/17/17 | Workers' Comp
If you have been injured on the job, chances are you may not know exactly how to proceed, particularly if you have been seriously injured.  This blog post aims to provide answers to some initial questions you may have.  It ...Read More

Trampoline Parks – A Rise in Popularity and Risk

07/13/17 | Personal Injuries
One search on Google, and you’ll be quick to find articles regarding the rise in popularity of trampoline parks such as Sky Zone.  You’ll also probably notice the numerous articles about children being injured, sometimes...Read More

New SC Law Requires Liquor Liability Insurance

07/03/17 | Personal Injuries
If you are involved in an accident or incident in South Carolina in which alcohol is involved, multiple parties may be held liable and owe you just compensation for your injuries.  For instance, imagine a scenario in which a...Read More

South Carolina Doctors Who Receive Drug Company Money

07/09/15 | Medical Malpractice
by Nathan Hughey South Carolina Doctors Receive Money from Drug Companies.  Per ProPublica, this is a list of the top drug money recipients in South Carolina from 2013-2014.  According to ProPublica, over 10,000 South Carol...Read More

GCSO: Caregiver pepper-sprayed, beat vulnerable patients | Local News – WYFF Home

08/22/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
South Carolina wrongful death attorney Nathan Hughey has a pending wrongful death claim against SC Mentor arising out of an autistic male eloping from the facility in his underwear and a shirt, which has also been featured in...Read More

VA delays

05/29/14 | Uncategorized
Delaying medical care to veterans and manipulating records to hide those delays is “systemic throughout” the Department of Veterans Affairs health system, the VA’s Office of Inspector General said in a preli...Read More

Attorney Daniel Nathan Hughey Rated AV Preeminent Again

04/20/14 | Uncategorized
Mount Pleasant SC injury lawyer Daniel Nathan Hughey of Hughey Law Firm named AV Preeminent Martindale Hubbell 2014. Per Martindale, “The Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Preeminent™ rating is the highest possible rating for...Read More

$6.65M in fatal air base fall

02/28/14 | Auto Accidents
More than four years after John Bruce took a fatal fall at a military base in Kuwait, a Cook County jury has awarded the family of the Arlington Heights man $6.65 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. Jurors in the civil case ...Read More

Legislature OKs guns in bars, restaurants

01/23/14 | Personal Injuries
By: The Associated Press January 23, 2014 COLUMBIA (AP) — People with concealed weapon permits are a signature away from being able to bring their gun into a restaurant or bar in South Carolina, if there’s no sign again...Read More

South Carolina Jury Awards $50 Million in Car Wreck Death Case

01/17/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries, Settlements
A jury in Charleston, South Carolina today awarded $50,000,000.00 in an automobile accident death case.  I believe this is the largest verdict in South Carolina history in a personal injury lawsuit. The case involved a wron...Read More


12/21/13 | Abuse and Neglect
The corporations that own and operate Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and even Hospitals are really, really, good at one thing – unfortunately its not providing care.  What they are good at is the business of self-prom...Read More

Dementia to Affect 135 Million by 2050

12/18/13 | Personal Injuries
from New York Daily News Ingram Publishing/Getty Images/Ingram Publishing ‘Most governments are woefully unprepared for the dementia epidemic,’ according to a new report. Many governments are woefully unprepared for an ep...Read More

Golf Cart Law and Golf Cart Injuries in South Carolina – Golf Cart Injury Lawyers

12/11/13 | Personal Injuries
South Carolina has a huge number of golf carts being operated on our streets.  These vehicles are largely dangerous to begin with, as they were never intended to serve as automobiles.  Severe injuries, including fractured s...Read More

United States District Court rules that Facebook deletion data by Plaintiff will not result in dismissal of lawsuit as requested by Defendant.

12/03/13 | Personal Injuries
In the recent case of Hawkins v. College of Charleston, the Court ruled that deletion of Facebook data did not result in a dismissal of the claim.  This is significant in that Defendants want to make a huge deal out of Faceb...Read More