Have You Been Injured On The Job?

A work place accident can happen in a second but ruin a working career forever. If you’ve been injured in the workplace, get legal help for all of your workers’ compensation needs.  You have the legal right to file a workers compensation claim to recover for your injuries, to obtain medical treatment, and to recover lost wages. Get your free consultation today with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers at Hughey Law Firm to evaluate your workers’ comp rights.

Attorney Nathan Hughey formerly worked for a law firm that was started by one of the attorneys responsible for helping establish our worker’s compensation system in South Carolina.  Mr. Hughey uses that knowledge to prosecute your case for you.

Free Consultation • Personal Injury Cases Handled on Contingency*Our workers’ compensation lawyers are ready to help you recover the money your family needs after an accident on the job. At Hughey Law Firm, we offer a full range of legal services, including:

  • Initial workers’ compensation claims;
  • Workmans’ comp appeals, denied claims; and
  • Premises liability and product liability claims against third parties.

We Cut Through the Paperwork, So You Can Focus On Your HealthWorkplace injury cases can quickly become confusing as you try to navigate the complex benefits process, multiple and overlapping liability insurance, the pursuit of damages from third parties and the determination of who is responsible for your medical expenses.

If you have been hurt during the course of your employment, contact us right away. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will work to ensure that you receive the full benefits you are entitled to, and to handle civil litigation regarding your injuries, when allowed by law.

Common work injuries include:

  • Repetitive trauma and carpal tunnel injuries;
  • Muscle injuries, bone injuries;
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Psychological injuries;
  • Back, neck and spinal cord injuries;
  • Amputations, dismemberment injuries; and
  • Burns and disfigurement.

Are You Eligible For Workers’ Compensation?
Workers' Compensation Attorneys Charleston, SCMany people who assume they are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits actually are, including many independent contractors. Generally, the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission looks at four factors to determine whether you are to be classified as an employee or independent contractor, regardless of how your employer may classify you. These four factors relate to your employer’s: 1) Direct control of your work product, 2) Method of payment, 3) Providing equipment, and 4) Right to fire. Seek legal help by contacting a workers’ comp attorney with Hughey Law Firm today to determine if you are eligible for benefits.

If you have been injured on the job, contact us for answers to your questions. If you decide to file a claim, we can file it and, if necessary, work to prove the extent of your injuries and prove that your injuries were caused or were worsened by conditions or an accident at work.

We also file federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act/Jones Act and admiralty claims for workers injured on the job at sea or other waterways throughout the region.

Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Claims
When filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may also have a claim against a third party who should also be held liable for your on-the-job injuries. One of the most commonly seen third party civil litigation lawsuits associated with workers’ compensation claims are work-related car accidents. However, you may also have a claim under the legal theories of product liability and premises liability as well. For instance, if you work as a delivery person and injure yourself falling down a business’s broken steps, you may be able to recovery from both your employer for workers’ compensation and the business for failing properly maintain their premises. Our experienced workers’ comp lawyers leave no leafs Attorney Nathan Hugheyunturned when fighting to obtain the best recovery for you and your family.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers. From our offices in Mount Pleasant, we represent workers throughout the Charleston metro region and communities throughout South Carolina.

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