Nursing Home Residents Dumped for More-Profitable COVID Patients

09/08/20 | Abuse and Neglect
An elderly man was discovered disheveled and alone on a sidewalk in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The 88-year-old man, suffering from dementia, was dumped at an unapproved boarding house by staff at the nursing home where he had be...Read More

How Do Bedsores Occur?

09/19/19 | Abuse and Neglect
Bedsores should virtually never occur in any patient who is properly monitored and cared for. These painful and potentially dangerous injuries are preventable if nursing homes insist on appropriate staff performance. If you o...Read More

How to Prevent Elder Abuse

08/20/19 | Abuse and Neglect
Elder abuse is a serious problem. According to the National Council on Aging, about 10 percent of all adults aged 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse. However, most researchers agree the actual percentages ...Read More

How to Report Elder Abuse in South Carolina

08/09/19 | Abuse and Neglect
Trusting your loved one to the care of others is never easy. When a member of your family suffers elder abuse from another family member or from a caregiver, you must take action. Learning more about various types of abuse, t...Read More

South Carolina Nursing Homes as Rated by ProPublica and Medicare

07/04/19 | Abuse and Neglect
As the population ages, everyone is at greater risk for chronic illnesses or in need of specialized supervision. The number of South Carolina residents age 85 and older will increase 101 percent from 2012 to 2032. South Carol...Read More

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

04/30/19 | Abuse and Neglect
When you move an elderly member of your family into a nursing home, you have a right to expect that the nursing home will provide adequate care. South Carolina’s Bill of Rights for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities ind...Read More

The Unacceptable Reality of Elder Abuse

04/01/19 | Abuse and Neglect
June 15, 2006, was established as the first annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Despite more than a decade of global awareness, the egregious problem of elder abuse persists in the United States. Recently, the Greenville ...Read More

What Causes Pressure Sores?

06/18/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Prolonged pressure that limits blood flow to the skin cause pressure sores, or as they are more commonly known, bedsores. This injury commonly afflicts sedentary people who cannot to move out of certain positions. Remaining i...Read More

FAQ About Nursing Home Abuse Claims

06/04/18 | Abuse and Neglect
It’s difficult to imagine that the nursing home staff tasked with caring for its elderly patrons would ever engage in nursing home abuse. Still, abuse is a national concern for the almost 5 percent of people older than 65 i...Read More

What Are Chemical Restraints in a Nursing Home?

05/28/18 | Abuse and Neglect
If you had to make the difficult decision that your aging parent or relative needs nursing home care, you naturally want to make sure your mother or father receives the best care possible. One factor that it’s important to ...Read More

Nursing Home Residents Should Never Develop Bed Sores

03/26/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Making the decision that your loved one needs the skilled care of a nursing home is never an easy one. Furthermore, it necessitates a good deal of research and investigation to find a facility that will provide your elderly r...Read More

Nursing Home Injuries and the Risk of Overmedication

03/12/18 | Abuse and Neglect
Nursing home injuries are some of the most upsetting cases that attorneys come up against. After all, you entrusted your loved one—after what was most likely an agonizing decision-making process—to a nursing home that you...Read More

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

01/08/18 | Abuse and Neglect
If your loved one lives in a nursing home, chances are you worry about her well-being and whether she receives proper treatment. South Carolina law expects nursing homes to meet a specific standard of care. This involves prov...Read More

GCSO: Caregiver pepper-sprayed, beat vulnerable patients | Local News – WYFF Home

08/22/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
South Carolina wrongful death attorney Nathan Hughey has a pending wrongful death claim against SC Mentor arising out of an autistic male eloping from the facility in his underwear and a shirt, which has also been featured in...Read More

South Carolina Jury Awards $50 Million in Car Wreck Death Case

01/17/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries, Settlements
A jury in Charleston, South Carolina today awarded $50,000,000.00 in an automobile accident death case.  I believe this is the largest verdict in South Carolina history in a personal injury lawsuit. The case involved a wron...Read More


12/21/13 | Abuse and Neglect
The corporations that own and operate Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and even Hospitals are really, really, good at one thing – unfortunately its not providing care.  What they are good at is the business of self-prom...Read More

Life and Death in Assisted Living – Assisted Living Abuse Lawyers – Assisted Living Neglect Lawyer Nathan Hughey

11/07/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Settlements
As more and more elderly Americans choose to spend their later years in assisted living facilities, FRONTLINE and ProPublica examine whether this loosely regulated, multi-billion dollar industry is putting seniors at risk? Ou...Read More

Negligent Security Lawsuit – Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed by College Students – Attorney Nathan Hughey

11/04/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Settlements
Federal lawsuit filed alleging sexual assault, inadequate security.  We have a #premisesliability lawsuit now alleging wrongful death as a result of inadequate security and have handled several others. Four Students File F...Read More

Elderly, At Risk, and Haphazardly Protected – PBS Frontline – Assisted Living Lawyer Nathan Hughey

11/04/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries
Elderly, At Risk, and Haphazardly Protected by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica, and Jonathan Jones, Special to ProPublica, Oct. 29, 2013, 10:56 a.m. A version of this story was co-published by “Frontline.” Workers found...Read More

World of Hurt: Those Lost and Those Left Behind – Assisted Living Abuse

11/02/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Medical Malpractice
We have had numerous wrongful death and other assisted living cases resolve recently, having had a wrongful death settlement hearing yesterday and having another Monday. George McAfee Born: March 13, 1918 Died: March 4, 200...Read More

South Carolina Slip and Fall Law in a Nutshell – +Hughey Law Firm – Injury Lawyers

10/27/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Brain Injury, Personal Injuries, Settlements, Uncategorized
South Carolina has a well established field of case law in #slipandfall or #premisesliability cases. Basically, a store owner can’t create dangerous conditions – or sit around and do nothing if he knows or should ...Read More

I love being a Charleston Injury Lawyer – My job and my clients – attorney Nathan Hughey

10/26/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries, Settlements
Hughey Law Firm – Injury lawyers. I love helping and encouraging. We help people when their lives are turned upside down by the fact that #nursinghome and #hospital chains often put profits over people, as to other larg...Read More

South Carolina #wrongfuldeath lawyer @Nathan Hughey and @Hughey Law Firm – Injury Lawyers handle police negligence claims.

10/24/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Settlements
Unfortunately these kind of problems happen many times out of the public eye for every time something is publicized. I’ve had multiple families come to me with deaths of family members who needed medical care while in c...Read More

Nathan Hughey Google+ feed – follow for SC Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Posts

10/23/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Brain Injury
Please check out our Hughey Law Firm injury law posts on top rated attorney Nathan Hughey’s google+ page.  Please join our circle for informative #nursinghomeabuse and #injury law information.Read More

Nursing Home Abuse – Nursing Facility Investigation and Reporting Requirements – South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Nathan Hughey

10/17/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Brain Injury, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Settlements
South Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer Nathan Hughey has handled hundreds of nursing home cases and teaches other lawyers regarding the array of regulations applicable to nursing home and other cases.  Here, Charleston nur...Read More