Driver Fatigue

08/04/20 | Auto Accidents
If you watch the news or go online, you will see hundreds of stories where drivers cause accidents after falling asleep at the wheel. Driver fatigue is dangerous, and in many cases, it takes the lives of innocent victims. If ...Read More

Causes of Car Accidents

08/03/20 | Auto Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, 142,406 motor vehicle accidents took place across the state in just one recent year. To put that figure into perspective, ...Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident

07/03/20 | Auto Accidents
Several Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Legal Rights If you haven’t yet experienced your first accident, perhaps you’re wondering: What am I supposed to do after a car accident? Read on for more information. Before an ...Read More

Truck Driver Fatigue

07/02/20 | Auto Accidents
More than 15 million commercial trucks travel along U.S. roadways, as truck drivers deliver 70 percent of the nation’s shipped goods each year. While the commercial trucking industry is an important aspect of the nation’s...Read More

Road Rage

06/08/20 | Auto Accidents
The average American drives thousands of miles each year. More than 90% of working people drive to and from work, with the average commute in the United States reaching a new high of 27.1 minutes. Over a year, that means the ...Read More

How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

06/06/20 | Auto Accidents
Car travel is an everyday part of life. Unfortunately, so are car accidents, which may leave a victim injured and facing massive bills, lost wages, and an uncertain future. Each year more than 6 million car accidents take pla...Read More

Is the Rear Driver Always at Fault in a Rear-End Accident in South Carolina?

12/19/18 | Auto Accidents
Many people may have heard the myth that “the rear driver is always at fault in rear-end accidents.” While it is certainly true that the person driving the rear vehicle is usually at fault, it certainly is not the case th...Read More

Spinal Cord Injury FAQ

02/12/18 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can terrify their victims, who often go on to face long-term medical issues that may never resolve—or even disabilities that can prevent them from living independently. It is not surprising, ther...Read More

GCSO: Caregiver pepper-sprayed, beat vulnerable patients | Local News – WYFF Home

08/22/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
South Carolina wrongful death attorney Nathan Hughey has a pending wrongful death claim against SC Mentor arising out of an autistic male eloping from the facility in his underwear and a shirt, which has also been featured in...Read More

South Carolina Jury Awards $50 Million in Car Wreck Death Case

01/17/14 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries, Settlements
A jury in Charleston, South Carolina today awarded $50,000,000.00 in an automobile accident death case.  I believe this is the largest verdict in South Carolina history in a personal injury lawsuit. The case involved a wron...Read More

A very inspiring story About Overcoming Odds – Charleston lawyer Nathan Hughey

10/24/13 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Stories like this touch my heart and fuel me with a drive to be the best I can be. Zach Hodskins certainly is doing his part. This post is from SouthCarolina accident attorney Nathan Hughey. It originally appeared in the AJC....Read More

South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyer Nathan Hughey – Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death of Student Killed by ATV at Football Practice

08/26/13 | Abuse and Neglect, Auto Accidents, Brain Injury, Personal Injuries, Settlements
ASHEVILLE — A lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the Buncombe County Board of Education and Roberson High football coach Jim Beatty contributed to the death of a student who was run over by ATV at the school. An admin...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Nathan Hughey

07/24/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Workers' Comp
South Carolina brain injury lawyer Nathan Hughey has handled cases involving traumatic brain injuries to clients.  These include fractured skull lawsuits, head injury claims, brain injury settlements, and others. PSYCHIATRY:...Read More

SC Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Nathan Hughey – South Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorneys Hughey Law Firm

07/23/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Uncategorized, Workers' Comp
South Carolina hospital negligence attorney Nathan Hughey handles claims including hospital falls, hospital malpractice, ER negligence, South Carolina hospital wrongful death claims and other similar matters.  Contact SC mal...Read More

Hispanic Injury Lawyers Hughey Law Firm Spanish Speaking Clients Who Suffer Discrimination – Abagado de Accidentes Nathan Hughey

07/11/13 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injuries
Abagado de Accidentes Nathan Hughey Charleston, South Carolina.  Hispanic Discrimination Attorneys at Hughey Law Firm have represented injured Hispanic clients as well as those discriminated against in the workplace.  Attor...Read More

Tort Reform in South Carolina Part 1: The Damages Caps Associated with Tort Reform in South Carolina

04/10/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Uncategorized, Workers' Comp
I, Nathan Hughey, have had the opportunity to teach “tort reform” to other lawyers and professionals within the State of South Carolina since “tort reform” was enacted in this state in 2005.  From the beginning, I re...Read More


04/10/13 | Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injuries, Uncategorized, Workers' Comp
Defamation allows a plaintiff to recover for injury to reputation as the result of the defendant’s communication to others of a false message about the plaintiff. Slander is a spoken defamation while libel is a written ...Read More