Hughey Law Firm AttorneysIf your loved one lives in the assisted living community at 800 Fording Island Rd in Bluffton, South Carolina, you probably noticed that a few things have changed.

Less than a year ago, the assisted living facility was named Bloom at Bluffton. When the previous owners sold the community, the new owners changed the name to The Pines At Bluffton. Little else has changed, however. The new owners updated some of the interior spaces, but outside, you’ll notice the same buildings. It’s still a community of aging people, some of whom need assistance, security, and care.

The Pines at Bluffton website shows beautiful photos of happy older adults enjoying entertainment and social interaction. Just like its predecessor, the community offers independent living and provides limited medical care. The staff maintains some degree of involvement in many facets of their lives. They prepare and serve residents’ meals. They offer medication management, housekeeping, personal care, and a few health-related services.

As with any facility with this much control over vulnerable people, you must closely monitor your loved ones so you feel confident about their safety and security. Even if you hear nothing about employee misdeeds or harmful acts, you must stay connected, just in case.

The Hughey Law Firm knows this firsthand we sued the facility successfully when it or its staff neglected, abused, or otherwise injured our clients. If negligent or abusive behavior injured you or your loved one there, call us today. We know the facility, so we know how to take swift, effective action for you.

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The Pines at Bluffton

The Pines at Bluffton is an assisted living community located at 800 Fording Island Rd, Bluffton, South Carolina. WindRiver Company of Dallas, Texas, purchased the property from Kandu Capital in May 2021. It’s one of 16 senior living communities the company owns. The Pines at Bluffton name is in keeping with their “pine” theme at other senior communities in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma.

The Pines at Bluffton Stresses Independent Living

The Pines at Bluffton provides independent living options similar to the prior owners. Residents control most elements of their lives, but they have access to a selection of care and lifestyle services.

The community offers three residential levels:

  • Assisted Living: A living option for those who prefer to live independently but also want support and assistance. Residents reside in apartment-style living spaces. The Pines staff provides meals, cleaning, transportation, entertainment activities, and other services.
  • Memory Care: The Pines at Bluffton provides a secure living area for residents with dementia. They live in “Reflections Suites” decorated with personal mementos. A licensed nurse and “resident care partners” provide 24-hour “clinical oversight and coordination of care.” While the facility has a nurse on staff, the terms clinical oversight and coordination of care suggest that the nurse plays no role in treatment.
  • Respite Care: The facility provides short-term living arrangements for a loved one during family emergencies, rehabilitation periods, family caregiver breaks, and other situations.

Online Public Reviews

Online review sites provide a public forum where people share their experiences with nursing homes and other businesses.  As The Pines at Bluffton recently began operating at this location, they have few reviews.

At least one site still shares comments from experiences with the previous owners.

  • A Place For Mom: One review of the previous owners described employees as “unfriendly.” Another explained that the memory care unit provided “poor care.”
  • Google Reviews: One reviewer gave it one star.  She commented that the facility had cleanliness and resident care issues. She also suggested that current facility staff wrote all of the positive reviews.
  • Glass Door Employee Reviews: Two Pines at Bluffton employee reviews gave the facility an overall 1.5-star review. One said the residents were kind and loving but the “management sucks.” Another reported that memory care was nice but also reported, “drama, employees talk too much.”

Should You Worry if Your Loved Ones Live at The Pines at Bluffton?

When you explore online senior residential resources, you’ll notice that Pines at Bluffton has accumulated few adverse DHEC surveys or public reviews. That’s due in part to their independent living model. It could also be because they haven’t run this location very long. If your loved one lives here, you must still stay in touch with them and remain cautious and observant.

As with most senior living environments, staff members have access to your loved ones 24/7. That degree of control often creates opportunities for one of the five types of abuse or neglect.

  • Physical: The victim endures physical injuries that sometimes cause impairments
  • Sexual: Any non-consensual sex or sexual act
  • Emotional or Psychological: Humiliating or threatening acts or words
  • Neglect: Malnourishment, dehydration, medication issues, and inadequate personal care
  • Financial: Fraudulent use of a resident’s financial assets

Watchfulness is particularly important when your loved one is dealing with dementia or other memory issues. Research has shown that older people with memory impairments often become abuse victims. Abuse and neglect occur because they can’t always understand what’s happening. If they understand that staff has abused or neglected them, they don’t always remember it.

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