Residents who live at a Summit Place Assisted Living Facility to expect a safe, homelike environment, and caring assistance. Unfortunately, not all residents will experience this level of care. When a senior experiences neglect and abuse, the assisted living facility should face repercussions.

Our attorneys help assisted living residents to pursue legal action when abuse or neglect occurs. If you, a family member, or other loved one experienced neglect as a resident at any of Summit Place Assisted Living Facilities, or another South Carolina facility, contact the Hughey Law Firm now to discuss your case.

Our law firm’s past results cannot predict any compensation that you or another could receive for injuries that occurred as a result of abuse and neglect at an assisted living facility. Through our attorneys’ experience and knowledge, we provide comprehensive legal assistance.

Our attorneys can help pursue a claim against a negligent Summit Place or other South Carolina assisted living facility—we have done so before and recovered compensation from them for the clients of ours they injured.

Hughey Law Firm Pursues Compensation on Behalf of Assisted Living Residents

Assisted living facilities are designed for the unique needs of seniors who can’t live independently, but do not yet require the services of a skilled nursing facility. Summit Place Assisted Living and other facilities in South Carolina claim to offer personalized care and attention in a secure environment.

Unfortunately, some assisted living residents experience neglect or abuse.

When Is an Assisted Living Facility Negligent?

Assisted living facility residents may require a range of services. Some residents are still quite independent. These seniors may only need laundry services and assistance with bathing.

Other residents require more intensive assistance throughout the day. They need help with meals, toileting, bathing, and medication reminders. Residents who require more assistance could be more vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

Family members and other loved ones may second guess themselves. Is abuse or neglect really happening? This can be especially true when the assisted living facility downplays or ignores concerns and questions.

Residents at an assisted living facility can experience several types of neglect and abuse.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Not all abuse is physical. Seniors who are emotionally or verbally abused may withdraw socially. A previously outgoing resident may experience depression, a loss of appetite, and sleep disturbances.

Financial Exploitation

Certain staff members will have access to a resident’s date of birth, state ID, and social security number. Employees may use this information to obtain a credit card or other line of credit.

Hygiene Neglect

Staff who are overworked or just plain lazy may skip a resident’s daily hygiene routines. Neglected residents can experience dental problems, skin rashes, and nail infections.

Inadequate Nutrition

Assisted living facilities must provide healthy food options and a welcoming dining environment. Staff should provide residents with mealtime reminders, a variety of choices, and adhere to any dietary restrictions. In addition, residents should be offered food and beverages at snack times or as requested.

Seniors can quickly experience malnutrition and dehydration—serious and even life-threatening conditions. And, inadequate nutrition and hydration can worsen the symptoms of other illnesses.

Inadequate Opportunities for Physical Activity

When a senior remains in one position for too long, they may develop pressure sores. These sores are often painful and can quickly become infected.

Medical Neglect

It’s common for seniors to take prescription or over-the-counter medications each day. Medications that staff intentionally withheld or simply forgot may cause sudden and unexpected declines in health.

Assisted living employees face disciplinary actions when they don’t dispense medications on time. Some staff members may try to cover up their actions and toss out or steal missed medications. And unfortunately, some staff members may steal opioids and other controlled substances to take themselves or sell to others.

Neglected Incontinence Care

Chronic urinary tract or bladder infections can signal that bathroom assistance doesn’t take place throughout the day and night. A resident may not receive frequent enough bathroom reminders. Or, staff may leave their brief on too long between changes.

Physical Abuse

Older adults are more prone to slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, a negligent facility may say that your loved one tripped and fell, when in fact abuse or neglect occurred. If your loved one did fall, there should be written documentation from the on-shift staff that records the incident.

In other cases, a senior will fall due to neglect. Perhaps they activated their nurse call alarm and no one responded for several minutes. They grew tired of waiting and attempted to use the toilet on their own, but fell.

Sexual Abuse

Some seniors require assistance with dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. These seniors may be more susceptible to sexual abuse. Unfortunately, staff members may take advantage of these private, one-on-one services.


Several staff members can gain access into a resident’s living quarters: aides, housekeepers, laundry room staff, and nurses. These employees may steal a resident’s cash, jewelry, or other belongings.

We Hold Assisted Living Facilities Accountable for Neglect and Abuse

An assisted living facility’s administrative staff is responsible for a resident’s safety and ongoing care.

A facility must:

  • Hire and train competent employees
  • Enforce disciplinary actions for neglectful and abusive employees, up to and including termination
  • Maintain adequate staffing levels on all shifts
  • Uphold their promise to offer each resident individualized and compassionate care

A high staff turnover rate and untrained employees can make an assisted living facility more vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

When Another Resident is Responsible for the Abuse

Abuse can be perpetrated not just by employees, but from other residents as well. Assisted living facility staff has a responsibility to identify and remedy any abusive acts that take place amongst residents.

But all too often, a facility places finances above their residents’ well-being. Administrators may deny that a resident abuses other residents, instead of moving the abusive senior to a more appropriate location.

What Expenses Does an Assisted Living Facility Settlement Cover?

Expenses Cover By Assisted Living Facility Settlement
Seniors who experienced neglect or abuse deserve to be compensated for their physical and emotional injuries.

An assisted living facility settlement may cover:

  • All medical expenses that are a result of the abuse or neglect
  • Counseling or therapy
  • The replacement cost of stolen belongings and cash
  • Pain and suffering

Families and residents will face hurdles when they pursue compensation without the help of an assisted living abuse and neglect attorney.

Your Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect Lawyers for Summit Place Claims

Summit Place Assisted Living Facilities in South Carolina

When approached by family members, assisted living staff or management at Summit Place may attempt to avoid responsibility. The day shift may point the finger at the night shift for abuse or neglect. Or, an administrator will promise to look into the matter, only to ignore it.

When a senior experiences neglect or abuse happens, time is of the essence. Our law firm helps assisted living residents hold facilities accountable for their negligent actions.

We believe that a lack of money should not prevent a senior and their loved ones from pursuing an abuse and neglect case. That’s why our firm offers prospective clients a free initial consultation.

If we do take on your Summit Place Assisted Living case, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay any attorney fees until after you receive compensation. If we can’t successfully obtain compensation, you won’t have to pay us any attorney fees.

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