Undergoing surgical procedures or spending time in a hospital might be necessary for medical conditions, but they are also costly and stressful. The situation can worsen if you are the victim of a wrong procedure or another form of hospital negligence.

When you stay in a hospital or undergo surgery, you should expect the highest standard of care from your entire medical team. If any treatment providers make unreasonable errors, you can suffer serious injuries and complications.

You should not be responsible for paying for preventable mistakes due to medical negligence. The law allows patients who experience such injuries to hold their providers or hospitals accountable for medical malpractice compensation for their often extensive losses. However, doctors or facilities often defend aggressively against liability in highly complex medical malpractice claims.

If you suffered injuries in this manner in a South Carolina hospital, you want Hughey Law Firm on your side. Our legal team regularly takes on hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities for medical errors and injuries. We have the resources and experience to handle cases stemming from surgical mistakes and other hospital negligence, and we can assess your best options.

If you had a wrongful procedure or suffered other injuries in the hospital, consult our South Carolina hospital negligence attorney immediately.

The Right Firm to Seek Justice for Medical Injuries

Not every personal injury law firm can successfully handle medical negligence cases. These claims require the application of complex medical and legal standards, highly technical medical evidence, and more. Further, patients must go up against large hospitals or doctors and their insurers, who aim to avoid liability whenever possible.

Other attorneys in the injury field respect our firm’s commitment and success in cases involving medical injuries. We take on hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities across the state of South Carolina for injured patients.

Some of our past case successes include:

  • $350,000 for a client who suffered pressure ulcers and required amputation in a hospital
  • $221,499 for a patient who suffered injuries when surgeons performed a procedure despite a present infection
  • $350,000 for a patient whose biopsy resulted in necrotizing pancreatitis and ultimate death
  • $440,000 for a client who fell in the hospital and suffered fractures
  • $975,000 for fatal birth injuries to an infant in the hospital
  • $600,000 when providers failed to follow up on a patient’s cancer diagnosis

Of course, these are only examples of past cases, and there is no guarantee of future case outcomes. We will evaluate your specific circumstances and injuries to advise you what your medical injury claim might be worth.

After a grave surgical error or other hospital negligence, Hughey Law Firm is the team you want handling your medical malpractice case and protecting your rights. We know the future is uncertain after medical complications, and we are ready to ensure you are in the best position possible financially, physically, and emotionally. Let us bring our experience and resources to the table for you.

Where Surgical Errors Can Happen

Surgical errors can happen anywhere doctors perform medical procedures. These mistakes are possible in the top hospitals and facilities in the state, as even highly trained surgical teams are only human and can make errors.

Some facilities where surgical errors might happen in South Carolina include:

  • Lexington Medical Center
  • MUSC Health-University Medical Center
  • Spartanburg Medical Center
  • Roper Hospital
  • McLeod Regional Medical Center
  • Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital
  • Bon Secours St. Francis Health System-Greenville
  • Beaufort Memorial Hospital
  • Allendale County Hospital
  • Aiken Regional Medical Centers

Moreover, an increasing number of patients undergo procedures in ambulatory outpatient surgical centers. These facilities allow for more cost-effective procedures, as they eliminate the need for hospital admission.

Wherever you choose to have your surgery, you should expect the same standard of care from your surgical team. This includes proper pre-operative and post-operative care, whether you are staying overnight or heading home following the procedure.

Hughey Law Firm knows how these facilities operate, and we can take on large hospitals or smaller, independent ambulatory surgical centers. Never hesitate to let our legal team evaluate your situation and who should be responsible for your preventable medical injuries.

The Responsibility of Surgical Teams

South Carolina Wrong Procedure and Hospital Negligence Attorney Like other professionals, medical providers must meet a certain standard of care when treating patients. This standard involves acting as a similarly-trained medical professional should act in a given situation. This standard applies to all medical specialties and types of care, including surgeons.

Surgeons and support teams must conduct themselves before, during, and after surgeries as other similarly-trained surgical teams should.

This involves:

  • Informing patients of surgical risks and obtaining informed consent
  • Properly evaluating a patient’s health and suitability of the procedure
  • Performing the proper procedure on the correct body part
  • Not performing surgery when overtired or impaired
  • Completing proper post-op monitoring and follow-up care

When a surgeon or their team makes mistakes that deviate from the standard of care, patients can suffer severe injuries. Patients then have the legal right to seek compensation for all their losses from the provider who caused the injuries.


Wrong Procedures are Never Events

In medical terminology, never events refer to things that should never happen in a professional medical setting.

Several grave surgical errors are never events, including:

  • Surgery or another invasive procedure on the incorrect patient
  • Performing the wrong procedure or surgery on a patient
  • Surgery or another invasive procedure on a patient’s incorrect body part

There are different ways these never events might happen. First, surgical teams might mix up patient records and end up performing another patient’s planned procedure on someone else. Further, surgeons might not properly mark up the right body parts. This might lead them to operate on the wrong side of the body or the wrong internal organ.

Never events are the most serious types of medical errors because of the severe and often irreversible harm they cause to patients. These events are also highly preventable if medical teams had used the necessary care, so the negligence necessary for never events to happen is often extreme.

When a wrong procedure happens, patients should fully recover financially for all their losses from the never event. A medical negligence lawyer from Hughey Law Firm is ready to help.

Losses from Wrong Surgeries

The losses from a surgical error will depend on the nature and severity of that error and your resulting injuries. Performing the wrong procedure can involve many body parts and create many complications, and your attorney can review your specific losses and what you deserve.

Almost every wrong procedure error will result in extensive and dramatic losses. Some examples of wrong procedures can include:

  • Removing the wrong kidney
  • Removing a gallbladder instead of an appendix
  • Inserting pins and screws into the wrong leg
  • Amputating a limb on the wrong side of the body
  • Inserting the wrong types of medical devices, such as an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) instead of a pacemaker (or vice versa)

Each situation has its own effects. First, if you undergo the wrong procedure, you will not receive the benefits of the procedure you needed. Most patients will need to go back into surgery to have their intended procedure, but they might have to wait until they recover from the wrong procedure. Such delays can lead to potentially life-threatening complications.

Further, surgeries are invasive and hard on the body. Recovery can be long and painful; many patients cannot work or engage in daily tasks following surgeries. If you need two surgeries instead of one due to a wrong procedure, this doubles your recovery time and the losses you experience.

Some wrong procedures result in irreversible impairment and disfigurement. Imagine you needed your right foot amputated, but the surgeon amputated your left. Then, they will need to go back and amputate your right foot, but they cannot reattach your left. You will need to live with a double-foot amputation, which is significantly more challenging and traumatic than a single-foot amputation.

The same is true for incorrect organ removal. If a surgeon removes the incorrect kidney, you will only have one kidney left, and it is the unhealthy one. You might need to rely on dialysis to survive until you can qualify for a transplant and find a donor.

Many additional devastating situations can result from wrong procedures, and this medical error never results in minor inconveniences or setbacks. A wrong procedure will change a patient’s life and cause costly losses and serious health risks.

Economic Losses

Patients deserve full coverage of all financial losses due to wrong procedures.

These can include:

  • Medical expenses for additional treatment and surgeries
  • Lost income from missing work due to extra recovery time
  • Future medical costs or lost income if a patient suffers a permanent injury

The medical bills alone can be overwhelming, and some people can never work again following this grave injury.

Non-Economic Losses

Financial losses are far from all you can suffer as a victim of medical malpractice.

You can seek compensation for intangible losses, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Permanent disfigurement or impairment

A wrong procedure can result in preventable physical pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other severe mental repercussions. You deserve financial recovery for all the pain and suffering you experienced at the hands of a surgeon you trusted.

Other Forms of Hospital Negligence

Many people must spend time in the hospital following surgery or due to other serious medical conditions. While in the hospital, you should trust the facility and all its staff to provide proper care. Unfortunately, many patients suffer injuries due to hospital negligence, and they incur preventable losses as a result.

Some examples of hospital negligence include:

  • Allowing patients to develop infections due to unsanitary conditions
  • Failing to properly monitor patients or respond to potential emergencies
  • Not providing assistance when patients move around, possibly causing a fall
  • Medication errors, including overdoses, missed doses, or the administration of the wrong medication
  • Allowing assaults of patients due to inadequate security

Many hospital errors happen when doctors or nurses fail to properly read patient charts or otherwise become distracted on the job. Hospital workers have high-stress jobs with long hours and many responsibilities at once. However, this is no excuse for falling below the expected standard of care and causing injuries to patients.

Patients with injuries due to hospital negligence can face additional medical bills, extended time in the hospital, missed work, and much more. Some forms of hospital negligence can be fatal and lead to wrongful death.

However hospital negligence affected you, the medical facility should be liable for all your economic and non-economic losses. Unfortunately, these facilities and their insurance companies want to avoid paying for negligence claims whenever possible. This adds more stress and challenges to an already injured patient and their family.

You need the right hospital malpractice attorney from Hughey Law Firm seeking the full compensation you need and deserve. If you believe a hospital caused your injuries, allow us to review your options.

Seek Help From a South Carolina Medical Negligence Lawyer

Nathan Hughey - Lawyer for Medical Negligence in South Carolina areaEven if it is crystal clear that a surgeon or hospital engaged in negligence and caused serious injuries, you can expect obtaining compensation to be an uphill battle. A medical malpractice claim can injure a doctor or hospital’s reputation and cost them millions of dollars in some cases. You can expect them to fight against liability or seek to limit your financial recovery.

You do not have to face off against medical providers and their insurance companies alone. In fact, injured patients are in no physical or mental condition to deal with insurance adjusters who seek to challenge their claims.

Hughey Law Firm is here to help you and your family. If you suffered serious injuries due to a wrong procedure or hospital negligence, you want our legal team on your side.

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