If your loved one suffered neglect, abuse, financial exploitation, or another type of mistreatment at Somerby of Mount Pleasant, Hughey Law Firm can help. Our team can seek a financial recovery for medical expenses, moving costs, pain and suffering, and all other damages your loved one has suffered. We have done it before, recovering compensation for clients of ours who Somerby of Mount Pleasant either neglected or abused. For more information reach out to an Mt. Pleasant nursing home abuse lawyer.

If your loved one suffered non-fatal mistreatment or passed away because of negligence by Somerby of Mount Pleasant, let Hughey Law Firm seek the justice your family deserves.

How an Attorney from Hughey Law Firm Can Lead Your Lawsuit

We understand that your loved one is in no position to lead a legal case. You likely do not have time or energy to meet the demands of a lawsuit, either. This is no problem, as Hughey Law Firm handles elder abuse and neglect cases in their entirety.

Our team of attorneys can assist you by:

  • Obtaining evidence that supports your loved one’s case: The type of evidence we seek and obtain will depend on the type of mistreatment your loved one has suffered. For physical mistreatment, we’ll get images of their injuries. For psychological abuse, we’ll consult mental health professionals. For financial exploitation, we may get bank records.
  • Identifying liable parties: Once we’ve reviewed relevant evidence, spoken with your loved one, and completed other due diligence, we’ll identify liable parties. The owners of Somerby of Mount Pleasant may be among those liable parties.
  • Documenting your loved one’s damages: We will get proof of your loved one’s damages. This may include medical records, bills for relocation expenses, testimony from experts about physical and psychological injuries, and other relevant documentation.
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations: Those responsible for your loved one’s damages may be willing to pay for their damages. Most civil cases end with a settlement. However, Hughey Law Firm expects to have to fight for the settlement your loved one deserves—and we will.

If your loved one’s case results in a trial, you will have chosen the right law firm. Hughey Law Firm is always prepared for a court case and will argue your loved one’s case at trial if necessary.

Why Clients Choose Hughey Law Firm for Elder Abuse and Neglect Cases

nursing home We know that legal success requires experience, which is why victims of elder abuse choose Hughey Law Firm to represent them. We have ample experience getting justice for elderly clients, and we understand the duty facilities like Somerby of Mount Pleasant have to their residents.

As a client of Hughey Law Firm, you will:

  • Know that we can get results: Our firm’s case results include several substantial recoveries for victims of elder abuse and neglect. We’ve handled cases like your loved one’s before and gotten the money that clients deserve.
  • Be a priority: Our firm is nothing without our clients. We understand the great responsibility we have to you, and we’ll show you respect and attention throughout the legal process.
  • Have our complete financial support: You won’t pay a cent upfront, and our team will cover the costs for all experts, investigations, and other case-related expenses.

We have secured more than $200 million for our clients, and we are constantly working to get justice for the victims of elder abuse and neglect. Let us fight for your loved one.

Recoverable Damages for the Victim of Mistreatment

Elder mistreatment can cause a wide range of damages, including:

Tragically, elder mistreatment can kill the victims. When this happens, we can help recover funeral expenses.

Damages generally depend on the injuries your loved one suffered, the treatments they need for those injuries, and whether or not they survived the effects of their mistreatment. We’ll identify your loved one’s current and future damages, then fight for every dollar that their damages entitle them to.

When Should I Consider a Lawsuit Against Somerby of Mount Pleasant?

You may consider filing a lawsuit against Somerby of Mount Pleasant or another liable party if:

  • Your loved one suffered abuse, neglect, or another form of mistreatment in the Somerby of Mount Pleasant facility.
  • Your loved one passed away under preventable circumstances while at Somerby of Mount Pleasant or shortly after leaving the facility.
  • You believe that you or your loved one are the victims of financial impropriety by Somerby of Mount Pleasant.

Our firm is aware of prior complaints against this facility. If your loved one suffered any kind of mistreatment, it falls within a concerning pattern of negligence. You can speak with representatives from Hughey Law Firm about your concerns and whether you should pursue a lawsuit on your own or your loved one’s behalf.

Examples of Elder Mistreatment That Warrant Filing a Lawsuit

Our attorneys routinely handle elder mistreatment cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We have seen a wide array of mistreatment types lead to successful lawsuits, with examples including:

  • Neglect, which can include failing to rotate your loved one in their bed, failing to help them eat food and use the restroom, failing to bathe them regularly, and failing to help them take medications
  • Psychological or emotional abuse, which can include name-calling, intentional infliction of distress, intentionally confusing your loved one, and any other act that causes your loved one psychological or emotional harm
  • Physical or sexual abuse, which includes touching, striking, or contacting your loved one in any other inappropriate manner
  • Financial exploitation, which may affect your loved one or you, if you paid for your loved one’s time at Somerby of Mount Pleasant

If you have any questions about whether your loved one suffered mistreatment, we will help you clarify matters. Our attorneys will work with experts to review evidence, speak with your loved one, and determine if Somerby of Mount Pleasant has exposed your loved one to harm.

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