If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect in a Morningside assisted living facility, Hughey Law Firm can fight for justice. We have successfully pursued claims against Morningside and know how they operate. We can seek a financial recovery that reflects the damages your loved one has suffered.

Realizing that your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect can be jarring. While you focus on your loved one, we’ll handle all the legal responsibilities for you. With our no-win, no-fee agreements, you have nothing to lose by consulting our legal team today.

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Hughey Law Firm Fights for Victims of Abuse and Neglect in Morningside Assisted Living Facilities

Hughey Law Firm AttorneysHughey Law Firm has earned a reputation for fighting for the most defenseless individuals in our communities. Elderly residents of Morningside assisted living facilities are undoubtedly defenseless, and you trust that their caregivers will keep them safe—not violate them physically, emotionally, financially, or otherwise.

We have handled many assisted living facility mistreatment cases, and we’ll complete every step of your loved one’s case.

You may trust Hughey Law Firm to lead your loved one’s legal claim because:

  • We serve communities throughout South Carolina and understand civil laws and insurance practices in the Palmetto State.
  • We have a track record of winning cases involving elderly abuse and neglect victims.
  • We prioritize the client, providing active communication, compassionate legal representation, and advice.
  • Our attorneys take our clients’ cases personally, fighting for the maximum recovery that victims like your loved one deserves.

Our team does not back down from defendants like Morningside Assisted Living Facilities, which will deploy a team of attorneys to defend against your claim. We will use all of the resources we have to secure the financial outcome your loved one deserves.

We Have Recovered Compensation From Morningside Assisted Living Facilities for Mistreating Elderly Residents

Your loved one’s case will not be the first time Morningside Assisted Living Facilities have faced allegations of negligence. The fact that there have been previous claims of mistreatment against this defendant can constitute a pattern.

If your loved one has experienced neglect, abuse, financial exploitation, or another type of mistreatment in a Morningside Assisted Living Facility, it may indicate that:

  • Morningside Assisted Living Facilities lack the necessary means of monitoring employees.
  • Morningside Assisted Living Facilities are not adequately screening employees before hiring them.
  • Morningside Assisted Living Facilities receive lax monitoring by inspectors or administrators or tolerate unacceptable behavior by employees.

There is never an excuse for elder abuse. If Morningside Assisted Living Facilities has allowed your loved one to suffer mistreatment, we’ll work to hold them accountable.

What Are Recoverable Damages in a Mistreatment Case Against Morningside Assisted Living Facilities?

Recoverable damages vary from one victim of elder mistreatment to the next. As your loved one’s attorneys, we’ll conduct a detailed investigation of their damages. We’ll speak with you, your loved one, their doctors, and any other party with knowledge of their losses.

In handling other cases like your loved ones, we’ve seen clients with:

  • Exorbitant medical costs: Elder abuse and neglect can cause serious injuries. Your loved one may need extensive and costly care for their physical injuries. Being elderly, it may take longer for your loved one to recover, contributing to high medical costs.
  • Severe pain and suffering: A caregiver or other party that violates your loved one’s trust can cause great emotional and psychological pain. Your loved one may also suffer pain from injuries. These various types of pain and suffering may be recoverable.
  • Costs for relocating to a new facility: Your loved one may choose to move out of the Morningside facility that mistreated them—a completely reasonable response. Morningside Assisted Living Facilities may need to cover all moving-related expenses. Your loved one may also get reimbursement for their time in the Morningside facility.
  • Fatal injuries: When elder abuse or neglect proves fatal, surviving loved ones may pursue a wrongful death claim. We’ll help you pursue coverage of any damages caused by a loved one’s wrongful death.

Every client we represent has a unique story. We’ll work with you to identify all of your loved one’s recoverable damages.

How Hughey Law Firm Will Fight for Your Loved One?

Hughey Law Firm understands that our clients’ lives are busy. You can trust that we’ll handle your entire case, fighting for the best possible outcome for your loved one.

Steps in an elder abuse or neglect case generally include:

  • Identifying all damages from your loved one’s abuse: We will work closely with you to determine every way your loved one has suffered. Both economic damages, like medical expenses, and non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, count towards your loved one’s case.
  • Gathering evidence of negligence: We’ll look for video footage, witness accounts, photographs, and other evidence that helps us prove your loved one’s case.
  • Documenting your loved one’s losses: Medical bills, diagnoses, invoices for moving expenses, and other documentation may show how your loved one has suffered because of their mistreatment.
  • Negotiating a settlement: We will try our hardest to obtain a fair settlement for your loved one. Settling can allow your loved one to get fair compensation without waiting for a trial to commence.

If we need to go to trial, we will. Most civil cases (including elder abuse cases) settle without going to court. Still, Hughey Law Firm will pursue the most appropriate path for your loved one settlement, court, or otherwise.

We Know the Signs of Elder Abuse and Mistreatment

The law firm representing your loved one must understand elder abuse and neglect well. Our team has represented many clients affected by elder mistreatment. We know the signs and effects of elder abuse and neglect.

Your loved one deserves a lawyer who gets the magnitude of what they endured. Your loved one deserves a lawyer from Hughey Law Firm.

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