​Did your loved one suffer abuse, neglect, or any other type of mistreatment while residing at Franke Health Care Center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina? Our law firm will fight for justice, seeking compensation from liable parties for your loved one’s medical care, pain and suffering, and other damages. Reach out to a Mount Pleasant nursing home abuse lawyer.

Hughey Law Firm has successfully represented victims of elder abuse and neglect throughout South Carolina, including at Franke Health Care Center. Your loved one’s case is not the first instance of alleged mistreatment by representatives of Franke Health Care Center. Let us fight for financial recovery, as this may be the only way to ensure that this facility does not allow anyone else to suffer mistreatment again.

How Hughey Law Firm Can Seek Justice, and a Financial Recovery, for Your Loved One

We handle two general types of elder mistreatment cases, both of which are heartbreaking:

  1. Cases where the victim survives their abuse or neglect
  2. Cases where abuse or neglect tragically causes the victim’s passing

Our team will assist you in either of these circumstances. Our responsibilities will be similar whether we are pursuing a wrongful death or personal injury case, as our team will:

Identify Those Liable for Your Loved One’s Abuse or Neglect

Potentially liable parties include:

  • An individual employee of Franke Health Care Center who perpetrated abuse or neglect upon your loved one
  • Administrators at Franke Health Care Center who failed to prevent, detect, stop, or report your loved one’s mistreatment
  • Any resident who abused your loved one
  • Any other parties who might have stopped, reported, or remedied your loved one’s mistreatment but failed to do so

Someone is negligent when they fail to act reasonably, and such unreasonable behaviors cause harm to someone. This is the standard of liability that we’ll use in your loved one’s case against Franke Health Care Center.

Gather Evidence and Documentation

Our team will gather evidence that indicates the liable parties’ responsibility for your loved one’s damages. Such evidence may include video footage of mistreatment, incident reports documenting mistreatment (and the facility’s lack of appropriate response), witness testimony, expert testimony, and your loved one’s own accounts of mistreatment.

The Hughey Law Firm team will also document your loved one’s damages and may do so using:

  • Doctors’ records
  • Medical bills
  • Expert testimony about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other symptoms of abuse and neglect
  • Invoices for moving expenses and other costs stemming from your loved one’s mistreatment
  • Any other documents that help prove your loved one’s damages

We’ll gather every document, account, or other resources that prove the harm your loved one has suffered.

Fight for the Settlement Your Loved One Deserves

Our team will represent your loved one in settlement negotiations. We hope to resolve their case this way and will argue hard on your loved one’s behalf. However, it is ultimately the liable parties’ decision whether to offer fair compensation.

Take Your Loved One’s Case to Trial

We can take your loved one’s case to trial if necessary. Trial generally becomes an option when liable parties refuse to settle fairly. Our team will keep you informed as your loved one’s case develops.

Hughey Law Firm has earned many substantial recoveries for our clients. Our case results against negligent assisted-living facilities and nursing homes include recoveries of $1.375 million and $1 million. We never settle for anything less than our clients deserve.

Elder Mistreatment in Franke Health Care Center Is Grounds for Legal Action

Nursing home abuseMake no mistake: Any type of elder mistreatment is unacceptable.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) detail several common types of elder mistreatment, including:

  • Neglect: Elderly people need active assistance, and failure to provide such care qualifies as neglect. Whether it is failing to bathe, assist with eating, administer medications, help an elderly resident to the restroom, or provide other basic care, neglect is a potentially life-threatening form of mistreatment.
  • Physical abuse: Slapping, punching, pinching, burning, yanking, or physically hurting an elderly person in any other manner qualifies as physical abuse. While caring for the elderly can be a frustrating job, physical abuse is unacceptable and grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Psychological and emotional abuse: Your loved one may have been fragile when they entered Franke Health Care Center. Psychological or emotional mistreatment may have had a devastating effect. Yelling, name-calling, the intentional infliction of fear, and any other verbal or psychological mistreatment is reason to contact an attorney.
  • Sexual abuse: Though it is unfathomable to most, sexual abuse does occur in elder care facilities. If your loved one has genital injuries, reports unwanted touching, or shows any other signs of possible sexual abuse, let our team know.
  • Financial exploitation: If your loved one has any control over their finances, they may become a target of financial predators. We can investigate specific instances of financial wrongdoing, whether by an employee, nursing home administrators, or other parties.

It is not always easy to recognize signs of abuse or neglect. Our attorneys regularly handle cases of elder mistreatment in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, and we’ll investigate any potential abuse or neglect your loved one has suffered.

Recoverable Damages for Victims of Elder Abuse or Neglect in Franke Health Care Center

Our team will identify every type of harm that has resulted from their mistreatment in the Franke Health Care Center.

Based on our experiences in similar cases, their damages may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs for mistreatment-related injuries
  • Medication and counseling for psychological and emotional injuries caused by mistreatment
  • Relocation expenses

Each victim of elder mistreatment has different injuries, symptoms, and damages. Hughey Law Firm treats our clients as the human beings that they are, viewing your loved one’s losses through this empathetic lens.

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