Paramedics or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) provide emergency care when patients cannot seek care independently. Unfortunately, in some instances, a failure to deliver the right level of care or other negligent acts can result in a patient’s injury or death.

If someone you love was injured or lost their life, or if you suffered an injury due to the negligence of an EMT, a South Carolina EMT negligence lawyer from Hughey Law Firm can help. We can evaluate the facts surrounding a specific case, and based on those findings, we can help a victim pursue a financial settlement.

Why Hire Hughey Law Firm for EMT Negligence Cases

Hughey Law Firm AttorneysWhen someone is the victim of EMT negligence, specific steps must be taken to file a claim. When a victim can turn to a law firm with experience handling complicated cases, they can focus on their recovery while a skilled lawyer advocates on their behalf.

At Hughey Law Firm, we have a proven track record of success. Our firm receives referrals from other law firms when they have personal injury cases, and our dedicated teams have handled several hundred personal injury claims since our founding. Additionally, we are easy to find since our Charleston office is located only blocks away from The Charleston Museum.

South Carolina EMT Negligence Guide

Compensation a Victim May Seek for EMT Negligence

It is impossible to put a dollar amount on the damage which may be done if an EMT acted negligently. However, certain areas of compensation may be pursued for victims of this negligence.

Some of the types of compensation which may be included when someone is a victim of South Carolina EMT negligence include:

  • Medical costs include current and future medical treatment, which can be included in a settlement demand. This may also include the cost of medication, travel to and from doctor visits, special tests, and more. An EMT negligence lawyer at Hughey Law Firm will advise a victim about what receipts they should maintain.
  • Pain and suffering – In some cases, we may be able to help seek compensation for emotional distress, physical pain, and mental anguish. It is important to keep in mind this is subjective. It also depends greatly on the severity of the injury suffered due to the EMT’s negligence.
  • Lost income – The income lost due to an EMTs negligence can be claimed for potential compensation. If the victim suffered a permanent injury that resulted in their inability to return to work, then future lost income may also be included.
  • Rehabilitation costs – Should a victim require extended physical therapy or other rehabilitation because of an EMTs negligence, these expenses may potentially be recovered through a personal injury claim.

At Hughey Law Firm we will fight hard to help a victim of EMT negligence recover damages they have suffered. We understand that when someone attempts to recover, they lose money and often feel helpless. We can help remove some of the stress by helping a South Carolina EMT negligence victim seek the compensation they are entitled to by the person responsible.

Where Do EMT Calls Occur Most in South Carolina?

In one recent year, more than 100,000 EMS personnel were dispatched to South Carolina. Nearly one-half of the calls were dispatched to auto accident sites and roughly one-quarter were dispatched due to medical emergencies unrelated to traffic accidents.

EMS personnel can provide three different levels of care. The training includes:

  • Checking for injuries
  • Evaluating the patient’s medical situation
  • Providing basic life support, including CPR

A paramedic-certified EMT may use advanced life support when needed.

When an EMT fails in any aspect of the call, a patient may be in danger of more serious injury or lose their life. EMTs must undergo a rigorous training process to ensure they meet the needs of patients during emergency calls in South Carolina. Our lawyers can hold them liable when they fail in their duty to provide that care.

Issues Resulting From EMT Negligence in South Carolina

There are numerous instances where someone may depend on a first responder. Following a car accident, after a slip and fall accident, or when someone suffers a seizure or heart attack in the home. Families expect an EMT who arrives to help them be well-trained and be able to deal with emergencies. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Negligence can occur when:

  • EMTs fail to respond promptly based on a call
  • The EMT fails to use proper equipment
  • Failure to administer oxygen to a patient
  • EMTs administer the incorrect medication based on the patient’s condition

These are a few errors that can occur when an EMT responds to an emergency call. Unfortunately, when one or more of these errors occur, the victim must deal with the mistake’s physical, mental, and financial aftermath.

When an EMT is negligent, it puts a patient at risk. Some of issues that can occur due to an EMT’s negligence include:

  • Anoxic brain injuries – When victims do not receive sufficient oxygen, they can suffer significant brain injuries. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are often permanent, and victims may have debilitating injuries which can have long-lasting consequences.
  • Heart attack – If an EMT fails to notice signs that a patient is exhibiting signs of heart issues, the patient could suffer a heart attack because the EMT could not detect the signs or properly record a patient’s vital signs.
  • Other physical injuries – If an EMT fails to properly secure a patient during transport or use the equipment on the emergency vehicle properly, the patient could suffer bruising, abrasions, or broken bones.
  • Death – Unfortunately, if an EMT fails to record medication they have provided properly, fails to monitor the patient for signs of distress, or fails to provide the right treatment to a patient, the patient could lose their life.

These are only some of the issues that may occur when an EMT fails to act or makes a mistake when dealing with a patient.

South Carolina EMT Negligence and Insurance Companies

South Carolina EMT Negligence LawyerEMT negligence cases are complicated. This is why a victim or the victim’s family should seek the guidance of a South Carolina personal injury attorney with experience handling EMT negligence cases. The claims process will be complex, and having someone with experience handling the process will be less stressful.

Certain facts must be established to build a successful claim for EMT negligence.

These include:

  • The EMT owed the patient a duty of care
  • The EMT breached the duty of care
  • Because of the breach, the patient suffered an injury or a worse condition
  • The patient suffered financial losses because of the breach

Even once EMT negligence has been proven, things will still be complicated. Keep in mind that EMTs are often employees of the state. South Carolina rules state that a person filing a personal injury claim against a state employee must do so within a certain time.

In many situations, EMTs enjoy legal immunity. However, Hughey Law Firm can help a victim seek compensation for injuries and damages arising from the actions of a negligent South Carolina EMT.

We will file a claim with an insurance company in most cases of EMT negligence. This may sound like a task that a victim could handle alone, which is not a good idea. The insurance company will make every attempt to minimize the claim for compensation.

Steps Victims of EMT Negligence Should Take

When someone believes they are a victim of EMT negligence, there are some things that they can do to help improve their chances of being successful in filing a claim.

Some of these include:

  • Record recollections – Victims should record their memory of the incident where an EMT was involved. This includes the date, approximate time, the reason for the EMT’s presence, and the outcome. This information establishes the connection between the victim’s current medical issues and the EMT’s treatment.
  • Obtain medical records – Obtain a copy of any medical records directly resulting from suspected EMT negligence. Our EMT negligence lawyers can review these records to demonstrate the injuries created by negligent conduct.
  • Document losses – Victims of EMT negligence should carefully document their financial losses. These losses may include income loss, medical bills incurred due to negligence, and other related expenses.

Collect as much information about your condition as you can, then contact the South Carolina EMT negligence lawyers of the Hughey Law Firm. (What you cannot provide us, we can obtain for you.) Share all this information with our legal team so we can provide a thorough assessment of the strength of a victim’s case.

Cost of Hiring Our EMT Negligence Lawyers

One of the most common issues a victim faces is whether they can afford a lawyer. Most victims cannot afford not to have legal representation in these complicated EMT negligence cases.

Once the legal team at Hughey Law Firm reviews the victim’s case during a free consultation, the victim and our firm will decide what legal options are available.

Should we find legal grounds for a claim, you can expect:

  • Retainer agreement – Hughey Law Firm accepts cases on a contingency basis. This means we do not require a victim to pay upfront once we have been hired. We do not collect any legal fees unless we successfully obtain a settlement on behalf of the victim.
  • A settlement demand – We work closely with victims to prepare a fair settlement demand. We will pursue every legal option to secure compensation for a victim’s losses due to South Carolina EMT negligence.
  • Regular communication – We know that not understanding what is happening with a case is frustrating. We will maintain open lines of communication with the victim so they know the status of their case.
  • Negotiations – Once we prepare and submit a settlement demand, we will handle all negotiations for our clients. This allows the client to focus on recovering. We know how important this is, and we will share all counter offers made and help our client understand the pros and cons of each settlement offer.
  • Preparation for court – Although few personal injury cases ever go to court, if we cannot negotiate a fair settlement through the insurer for EMT negligence, we can take the case to trail.

We always act as a strong advocate for every client. EMT negligence can result in serious complications for a victim, and we are prepared to help them recover financially from the harm they suffered.

attorney nathan hugheyIf you or a family member has suffered any condition worsened by EMT negligence or lost a loved one due to such negligence, contact Hughey Law Firm today by calling (843) 881-8644 or use our online contact form for your free consultation. The sooner you know your legal rights and options, the faster you can decide how to seek compensation for your losses and damages.



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