Windsor House assisted living facility in Greenville, South Carolina, has been the subject of complaints about resident mistreatment. Hughey Law Firm fights for elder abuse and neglect victims in South Carolina, and we’re eager to represent your loved one if they suffered mistreatment while living at Windsor House.

The South Carolina Windsor House Lawyers at Hughey Law Firm have effectively represented elderly clients at this and other facilities. We understand the substantial price that victims of abuse and neglect pay, and we will fight for the compensation that covers your loved one’s damages.

Why Hughey Law Firm?

Those who need a nursing home injury attorney in Greenville should seek a law firm that:

  • Regularly handles elder abuse and neglect cases: Hughey Law Firm does. Representing elderly abuse and neglect victims is a significant part of our work. This means that we have extensive experience and knowledge of how to win cases like ours.
  • Has the support of former clients: Hughey Law Firm’s client testimonials prove how hard we work to win for our clients. These reviews also display our respect and compassion for those we represent.
  • Is familiar with Greenville: Our firm frequently leads cases in Greenville. We are familiar with the justice system in the city and will work to complete your case as efficiently as possible. We will if we need to visit any physical locations in Greenville, including Windsor House.
  • Will spare you from the financial pressures of an elder mistreatment case: Hughey Law Firm fronts all case-related expenses. You will not pay us any upfront fee, and we’ll only get compensation if we secure a financial recovery for you.

The Hughey Law Firm team has won many substantial recoveries for our clients.

Our case results in elder abuse and neglect cases include recoveries of:

  • $1 million
  • $875,000
  • $750,000
  • $500,000
  • $497,500
  • $475,000
  • $440,000

We got these financial recoveries for clients with bedsores, amputation injuries, and other health problems. In each case, a nursing home or assisted living abuse neglect lawyer facility failed to provide the level of care that our client deserved. We fought hard and won the compensation that your clients were entitled to.

We will put up the same fight when representing your loved one against Windsor House.

How Our Windsor House Lawyers Will Seek Compensation for Your Loved One

​Windsor House Abuse and Neglect Lawyers The Hughey Law Firm team will handle every step of your loved one’s case against Windsor House, including:

Helping Document Signs of Abuse or Neglect

Our attorneys know signs of abuse, neglect, and other mistreatment among the elderly. We may hire professionals to diagnose your loved one’s symptoms formally.

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) warns that possible signs of abuse and neglect include:

  • Changes in personality and demeanor, including confusion, depression, or being withdrawn
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Indications of poor hygiene, dehydration, or improper administration of medications
  • Bedsores

You may also notice that a loved one exhibits signs of fear when you engage in physical contact. This may be an indication that they have been physically abused.

No two cases of elder mistreatment are exactly alike. The Windsor House lawyers from Hughey Law Firm will complete an expert-led investigation of your loved one’s physical and psychological state. We’ll do this in a dignified manner that causes no further trauma.


Calculating the Cost of Your Loved One’s Damages

Our team will identify the damages your loved one has suffered because of abuse or neglect, then calculate the monetary cost of those damages including lawyer cost. This can be a complicated process, but the attorneys at Hughey Law Firm are well-versed in calculating both economic and non-economic damages.

Establishing Liability

When an elderly person suffers mistreatment, the facility in which they suffered the mistreatment is generally liable. Additionally, any individuals who perpetrated abuse or neglect can also be liable.

Hughey Law Firm will identify liable parties and work to hold them accountable for the harm they’ve caused your loved one.

Seeking a Settlement

Our team can represent your loved one in settlement negotiations for crimes against the elderly, which may entail:

  • Coordinating one or more meetings with liable parties and their legal representatives
  • Presenting evidence that your loved one suffered mistreatment in Windsor House
  • Presenting documentation of the damages your loved one has suffered
  • Explaining our calculation of your loved one’s damages
  • Making a comprehensive argument that ties together every element of our case

While most civil cases settle, a settlement is not our only option. If liable parties do not offer the settlement that your loved one deserves, we’re prepared to go to trial.

Taking the Case to Trial if We Need To

We have one goal: getting all the money your loved one is entitled to. Any mistreatment they suffered must result in accountability, and that means demanding that liable parties pay what they owe.

If we need to take your loved one’s case to court, that’s what Hughey Law Firm will do.

Recoverable Damages in a Case Against Windsor House

Suffering abuse or neglect can cause severe harm.

When we handle cases like your loved one’s, we often seek compensation to cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Relocation expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of psychological and emotional treatment
  • The cost of the client’s stay at a facility where mistreatment took place

We will work with your loved one, elder abuse and neglect professionals, and others who can help us identify and value your loved one’s damages. The effects of abuse and neglect can be long-ranging. If your loved one is still experiencing physical, psychological, emotional, or financial symptoms of their mistreatment, we’ll account for future damages.

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If your loved one suffered mistreatment while residing at Windsor House, it is critical that we right the wrongs they have endured. We’ll work hard to get the financial recovery your loved one deserves. This will hold Windsor House responsible for its negligence and provide your loved one relief for their damages.

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