If your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect at Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Spartanburg, contact a Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Abuse and Neglect Attorneys at Hughey Law Firm to pursue justice. Financial recovery may account for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, relocation costs, and other damages your loved one has suffered.

Located at 1705 Skylyn Dr., Spartanburg, SC, this facility has faced prior accusations of negligence—including from our clients, who have successfully recovered compensation from it.

If a nursing home injured your loved one, this constitutes an alarming pattern we have seen before. We want justice for your loved one and to keep other residents safe from similar harm.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After Discovering My Loved One’s Mistreatment at a Skylyn Facility?

Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Abuse and Neglect AttorneysHiring a lawyer may make any legal process substantially easier.

Should you choose not to hire a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney from our firm, then you may:

  • Need to investigate your loved one’s abuse or neglect on your own
  • Need to access, obtain, and preserve any evidence relevant to the case
  • Need to learn about case law, legal practices, and other aspects of completing a lawsuit
  • Pay out of your pocket to complete the case
  • Have to negotiate

with the nursing home

If Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation does not fear your ability to win at trial, its representatives may refuse to settle. You may face a dilemma: go to trial, or leave your loved one’s case with nothing.

Take the safer path: Hire an attorney from Hughey Law Firm. Our team handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases regularly. Skylyn’s representatives may quickly realize that we will go to trial and that we’ll fight hard for your loved one’s financial recovery. The leverage we provide can make the difference in your loved one’s case.

Our team will seek the settlement that your loved one deserves. Though there are never guarantees in cases like these, Skylyn may offer fair compensation knowing that Hughey Law Firm might obtain more from a jury in the courtroom.

How Do I Know If Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Is Negligent Toward My Loved One?

First, consider any possible signs of abuse or neglect your loved one displays.

Signs of abuse or neglect include:

  • Bed sores or other recurring injuries
  • Injuries that indicate trauma, such as cuts, bruises, and burns
  • Lack of proper hygiene or nutrition
  • A withdrawn, sullen, or depressed mood
  • Social withdrawal

Of course, you might also know that your loved one has experienced mistreatment because they tell you so. If you have any reason to suspect abuse or neglect of your loved one, our attorneys can investigate further.

Facilities like Skylyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center have a duty to care for and protect their residents. Take legal action if the facility has failed in its duty to your loved one.

Our Team Rights the Wrongs That Elderly Victims Suffer

Certain individuals in Spartanburg qualify as defenseless. In many cases, nursing home and assisted-living facility residents are genuinely powerless. Those who fail to care for these individuals or intentionally cause them harm must be accountable.

Hughey Law Firm will seek accountability for any harm your loved one has suffered.

Our team can assist your loved one by:

  • Investigating any alleged abuse or neglect: We will start from square one, determining what types of mistreatment your loved one may have suffered. We will visit the facility, seek evidence (like video footage and witness testimony) of mistreatment, and determine what has (or has not) occurred.
  • Building your loved one’s case against Skylyn and other liable parties: As we investigate, we’ll gather evidence, compile witness accounts, and create arguments around these foundational pieces. Eventually, a comprehensive case will emerge.
  • Exploring the potential of a settlement: Settlements don’t just happen. In many cases, we must negotiate fiercely before securing financial recovery for our clients. Defendants in your loved one’s case must realize that we intend to secure the compensation your loved one deserves, whether by settlement or trial.
  • Completing a trial, if necessary: While a trial is not always needed, Hughey Law Firm cannot predetermine where our cases conclude. We will prepare for all potential turns in your loved one’s case, including court, if necessary.

We will also handle every other detail of the legal process. From making case-related phone calls to updating your loved one’s record of damages and defending your loved one from predatory attorneys and defendants, expect us to do it all.

We Will Identify Your Loved One’s Recoverable Damages

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains how elder mistreatment can leave psychological and emotional wounds. We’ll seek compensation for any pain and suffering your loved one has experienced.

Your loved one’s recoverable damages may also include:

  • The cost of any medical care that we can tie to neglect or abuse
  • The cost of moving your loved one to a new facility
  • Any money or valuables that your loved one has had stolen from them
  • The cost of any medical equipment your loved one now requires because of abuse or neglect

Older victims of mistreatment already tend to be fragile. Tragically, abuse and neglect can accelerate victims’ deaths. If you lost a loved one and suspect that mistreatment contributed to their passing, we can pursue any recoverable damages that apply to your case.

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