Did your elderly loved one suffer abuse or neglect while residing at Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina in Columbia (located at 700 Davega Drive in Lexington)? They may recover compensation for pain, suffering, and any other damages they endured.
Hughey Law Firm Lawyers for Nursing home abuse and neglect at Myrtle Beach Manor retirement community.

Hughey Law Firm’s nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys can pursue justice for your loved one. We know that Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina has a track record of mistreatment claims because we’ve held them accountable before. We’re ready to start with your loved one’s case.

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What Types of Abuse and Neglect Warrant a Lawsuit?

Any abuse, neglect, or other mistreatment of elders warrants a response. In many cases, the appropriate response is to file a lawsuit against the liable parties.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) details several types of mistreatment that “creates a risk of harm to an older adult,” including:

  • Neglect: Caregivers who fail to provide basic care are guilty of neglect. Failing to wash someone in their care, failing to rotate them in bed to prevent bedsores, failing to help with feedings, failing to help them to the bathroom (or change their bedpan), and failing to provide hygienic services may all qualify as neglect.
  • Physical abuse: Those who slap, punch, yank, scratch, burn, or physically harm an elderly person are perpetrating physical abuse of the elderly. Though no form of elder mistreatment is acceptable, physical abuse signals an intent to harm that is particularly heinous.
  • Verbal abuse: Anyone who degrades, frightens, scolds, or otherwise mistreats your loved one may be liable for resulting harm. Verbal abuse may coincide with other forms of psychological or emotional mistreatment.
  • Sexual abuse: Anyone who has unwanted sexual contact with an elderly person is sexually abusing them.
  • Financial exploitation: Some elderly individuals maintain some control over their finances, and predators can take advantage of this. Any financial exploitation of the elderly warrants legal action.

Our attorneys want to hear your loved one’s story, as every case of elder mistreatment is unique.

What Should I Do After Discovering My Loved One’s Mistreatment?

Once you discover that your loved one is not safe in Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina’s Columbia facility, their safety becomes the first priority. If you haven’t already, relocating your loved ones, and getting them the medical care they need, may be necessary. This is up to you, and our firm can discuss the matter with you.

Once Your Loved One Is Safe, Hire Hughey Law Firm

Hiring an attorney may also be a priority for you and your loved one. Hughey Law Firm has represented many victims of nursing home and assisted living injuries. We stand up for these victims because they are among the most defenseless in our communities, and we have the resources to fight for them.

Once you contact us, we will:

  • Listen to your account of your loved one’s abuse or neglect
  • Review any documentation or evidence that you have for us
  • Explain how we may pursue compensation for your loved one
  • Move forward with your case

A Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina Columbia abuse and neglect attorney from our firm will help your family move forward from this traumatic event. Focus on your loved one, and we’ll handle your legal case.

What Exactly Will Hughey Law Firm Do for My Loved One?

Hughey Law Firm will handle every step of your loved one’s case against Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina.

As we’ve done with other victims of elder mistreatment, we can help your loved one by:

  • Seeking all evidence that proves their mistreatment: Medical records, photographs of injuries, testimony from your loved one, testimony from witnesses, and other forms of evidence may form the foundation of your loved one’s case.
  • Documenting their damages: We’ll secure medical bills, doctors’ accounts of your loved one’s injuries, mental health professionals’ diagnoses of your loved one’s trauma, and any other documentation of their damages.
  • Determining who is liable for your loved one’s mistreatment: We’ll identify all parties with legal liability for your loved one’s abuse or neglect, likely including Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina.
  • Creating a strategy for their case: Once we’ve gathered all the necessary facts, we’ll develop a strategy for seeking compensation perhaps filing a lawsuit.
  • Negotiating a settlement: We will likely pursue a settlement for your loved one, as the American Bar Association (ABA) explains that settlements resolve most civil legal cases.
  • Taking your loved one’s case to trial, if we need to: Even though a trial is not common in civil cases, Hughey Law Firm does everything necessary to seek maximum compensation for our elderly clients. If this means we need to go to trial, we won’t hesitate.

Hughey Law Firm will also protect your loved one’s dignity and right to seek compensation. Regardless of how Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina or their lawyers contest your claim, we will fight for the compensation your loved one deserves.

Why Do Clients Choose Hughey Law Firm When Their Elderly Loved Ones Suffer Mistreatment?

Clients choose Hughey Law Firm to lead their elder neglect and abuse cases because:

  • We have won $190 million in judgments and settlements for our clients.
  • We have years of experience representing victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • We are a South Carolina law firm, and we know the civil rules and laws governing Columbia we’ll use this knowledge as we handle your loved one’s case.
  • We place the client first in every case.

You won’t have to pay any upfront fee or case-related costs. We will only receive a percentage of your settlement or verdict if we secure one for you.

Recoverable Damages in an Elder Abuse or Neglect Case

Your loved one may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Their pain and suffering
  • The cost of their time at Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina
  • The cost of relocating to a new facility
  • The cost of abuse- or neglect-related medical care
  • The cost of counseling, medications, and other treatment for trauma

Our team will identify and seek compensation for any other damages your loved one has suffered.

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