The Palmettos of Charleston faces a clear mandate: protect residents and provide consistent, quality care. If the facility’s administrators, caregivers, or owners fail to meet this mandate, they may owe your loved one compensation for their damages.

Abuse and neglect have a lasting cost for victims, both economic and non-economic. If your loved one suffered harm at any Palmettos facility, including Palmettos of Charleston, the legal team at Hughey Law Firm will fight for their financial recovery.

Palmettos of Charleston Nursing Home Injury Guide

Why Trust Hughey Law Firm With Your Case Against Palmettos of Charleston?

Hughey Law Firm AttorneysWe know that Hughey Law Firm is not the only legal team serving Charleston.

However, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to lead your case against Palmettos of Charleston because:

  • Elder mistreatment cases are a massive feature of our practice: Few law firms focus on elder abuse and neglect cases like Hughey Law Firm does. This means we have ample experience representing elderly victims of mistreatment against the institutions that failed them. In fact, other lawyers frequently come to us for help with difficult cases against negligent nursing homes.
  • Charleston is familiar territory: Our firm has successfully completed many cases in Charleston—including against the Palmettos of Charleston. We’re familiar with the courts and participants in Charleston’s civil justice system. This can only be a benefit as we seek to complete your case against Palmettos of Charleston as efficiently as possible.
  • We’re known for top-tier client service: Our clients receive their attorney’s phone number. We’re eager to explain the details of your case, answer any questions you have, and make the legal process as pain-free as possible for you. You can review our client testimonials to understand how important our clients are to Hughey Law Firm.
  • We offer a small-firm approach with big-firm resources: Attorneys Nathan Hughey, Stuart Hudson, and Brad Banyas lead a three-lawyer legal team, but don’t let the small stable of lawyers fool you. Hughey Law Firm offers small-firm service but big-firm resources.
  • We offer a no win, no fee payment deal. That’s how much we believe in our cases.

Our goal is to get the financial recovery you deserve, and we’ll let nothing stand in our way. Even Palmettos of Charleston, which has its own lawyers to fight your claim, will present no barrier to our pursuit of justice.

What Are The Recoverable Damages for a Victim of Palmettos of Charleston’s Negligence?

Once you hire us, your Palmettos of Charleston nursing home abuse attorney from Hughey Law Firm will start identifying your damages. The South Carolina elder mistreatment study found a distinct connection between mistreatment and symptoms like depression and anxiety.

We generally categorize clients’ damages into specific categories, including:

  • Medical costs: We will demand that Palmettos of Charleston cover all medical costs linked to abuse or neglect. This includes both acute and long-term care. Our firm will rely on medical experts to identify all present and future medical costs.
  • Pain and suffering: Abuse and neglect cause pain and suffering. We’ll work with mental health experts to understand and evaluate any psychological and emotional consequences of mistreatment.
  • Mental health treatment costs: If a client needs treatment for psychological or emotional trauma, we ensure that they get the treatment they require. We also ensure that liable parties learn of this treatment, and we work hard to have those liable parties cover the cost.
  • Relocation expenses: If your loved one relocates from Palmettos of Charleston, we’ll seek money to cover a moving service and any other moving-related expenses.

Each case presents different damages. Some clients may need medical equipment, specialized caregiving services, and other items or services. Hughey Law Firm treats each client like the individuals they are, diagnosing their damages carefully and accurately.

Hughey Law Firm Will Seek Justice for the Loss of a Loved One

Though it breaks our team’s hearts to encounter these cases, we do handle cases involving fatal abuse and neglect cases.

These wrongful death cases can include damages such as:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Loss of a parent
  • The decedent’s pain and suffering
  • Surviving loved ones’ pain and suffering
  • Grief counseling

We have handled a wide variety of elder mistreatment cases. Each time, we’ve calculated fair damages and fought for fair compensation. We won’t rest until the case is complete and the defendant—in this case, Palmettos of Charleston—feels the cost of its negligence.

Can Hughey Law Firm Really Hold Palmettos of Charleston Accountable for Its Negligence? If so, How?

The Hughey Law Firm will work tirelessly to hold Palmettos of Charleston accountable for its failures. Facilities like Palmettos of Charleston accept a great responsibility when they agree to house residents, so there is no excuse for allowing neglect or abuse.

Our law firm has proven its ability to hold large nursing homes and assisted living facilities accountable for negligence. Our lawyers have focused countless time, effort, and study on getting justice for elderly clients, and our case results prove that our dedication pays off for our clients.

If you choose our firm to lead your case against Palmettos of Charleston, we will:

  • Secure evidence as quickly as possible, including any evidence that is currently in the Palmettos of Charleston’s possession
  • Documenting each of your loved one’s damages
  • Calculating the cost of your loved one’s damages—this cost will be the basis of the settlement we seek
  • Arranging and leading settlement negotiations
  • Taking the case to trial, if necessary

Hughey Law Firm will manage every detail of your case. We will draft paperwork, correspond with insurance companies and civil defense attorneys, oversee legal proceedings and manage every other step in the legal process.

Elder mistreatment lawsuits are not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Let our team of experienced, seasoned attorneys hold Palmettos of Charleston accountable for you or your loved one.

Hire a Trusted Nursing Home Injury Lawyer to Hold Palmettos of Charleston (or Any Other Palmettos Facility) Responsible

Your nursing home lawyer from Hughey Law Firm may face a deadline for filing your case against Palmettos of Charleston. Don’t wait to call us, as missing this deadline can be catastrophic for your case.

Call Hughey Law Firm at (843) 881-8644 or send us a confidential message through our website for your free consultation today. Our commitment is to keep you and your loved ones safe and seek justice for injuries.

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