Did your loved one suffer abuse, neglect, or another form of mistreatment while residing at Myrtle Beach Manor retirement community, located at 9547 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach? Hughey Law Firm knows how to pursue justice against the facility and fight for the financial recovery your loved one deserves. We have successfully pursued compensation from Myrtle Beach Manor when it harmed our clients, and we can do it again.
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A nursing home abuse and neglect attorney from our firm can handle every step of your case. You can focus on your loved one’s well-being, and we’ll work to hold Myrtle Beach Manor accountable for its negligence or abuse.

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How Hughey Law Firm Can Assist Your Loved One?

Hughey Law Firm completes the entirety of each elder mistreatment case we handle.

Our duties may include:

  • Gathering evidence related to your loved one’s mistreatment
  • Identifying all liable parties
  • Calculating the cost of your loved one’s losses
  • Developing the strategy for your loved one’s case
  • Drafting and filing all case-related paperwork
  • Negotiating a trial
  • Going to trial, if necessary

Hughey Law Firm handles elder abuse and neglect cases throughout South Carolina. We understand applicable laws, and we have a track record of winning cases like yours, including against Myrtle Beach Manor.

You and your loved one likely have enough to worry about. Our team will take your lawsuit off of your hands.

Myrtle Beach Manor Has a History of Abuse and Neglect Claims

Under the ownership of Phoenix Senior Living, Myrtle Beach Manor has faced allegations of abuse and neglect. Administrators at the retirement community may have failed to disclose this fact to you, instead assuring you that Myrtle Beach Manor was a safe community for your loved one.

Myrtle Beach Manor’s prior allegations of negligence make your loved one’s case even more inexcusable.

After facing a single allegation of abuse or neglect, any retirement community or assisted living facility should:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into its staff and practices
  • Identify the precise failures that allowed abuse or neglect to occur
  • Take swift action to terminate abusive or neglectful employees
  • Take extensive precautions to prevent abuse or neglect in the future

If your loved one has suffered mistreatment, it may indicate that Myrtle Beach Manor did not take these steps. Hughey Law Firm will work to hold the retirement community accountable for its repeated failures.

What Qualifies as Abuse or Neglect?

Any mistreatment of your loved one demands justice. Whether the behaviors in question qualify as abuse, neglect, exploitation, or some other mistreatment, we’ll seek accountability from Myrtle Beach Manor.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines several types of elder mistreatment, including:

  • Neglect: Neglect generally involves caregivers failing to do their jobs. Failure to properly and consistently bathe, feed, monitor, and assist your loved one may qualify as neglect. Such failures can be life-threatening, causing serious injuries, infections, and other health problems.
  • Physical abuse: The CDC qualifies physical abuse as the “intentional” infliction of physical harm. Striking, burning, yanking, and throwing are some examples of physical abuse. Caregivers, fellow residents, administrators, visitors, and others can commit physical abuse upon the elderly.
  • Sexual abuse: As shocking as it is, perpetrators whether nursing home staff or fellow residents can sexually abuse elders. If your loved one suffered sexual abuse, we’ll handle the civil case against the liable parties.
  • Emotional abuse or psychological abuse: Emotional and psychological abuse often coincide. Those who intentionally terrorize, manipulate, confuse, or instill other distressing emotions in your loved one may have abused them. The distress caused by emotional and psychological abuse may contribute to physical health ailments. We must hold any psychological or emotional abusers liable for their malicious actions.
  • Financial exploitation: Theft or deception for one’s financial gain may qualify as financial exploitation. If your loved one was the victim, then they may file a lawsuit against those who exploited them.

If your loved one suffered one or more of these types of mistreatment, then Myrtle Beach Manor may be liable for resulting damages. The Hughey Law Firm team will identify all responsible parties, then seek a just outcome for your loved one.

What Are Recoverable Damages in Your Loved One’s Case in Myrtle Beach?

Every victim of abuse or neglect has a story that’s one of a kind. We never assume the damages our clients have suffered. Instead, we work patiently with the client, their loved ones, and experts to identify and value every damage.

Your loved one’s recoverable damages may include:

Pain and Suffering

Studies have linked elder abuse to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Suffering neglect or abuse may cause your loved one to:

  • Develop diagnosable conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety
  • Lose trust in caregivers
  • Experience constant fear
  • Lose a quality of life
  • Suffer in other ways

When caregivers or administrators fail to protect the resident of a retirement community, they do untold damage. Your loved one may receive compensation for their pain and suffering. They may also get coverage for treatment of their pain and suffering.

Healthcare Expenses

Any medical costs related to abuse or neglect may entitle your loved one to compensation.

Your loved one’s medical costs may depend on the nature of their injuries but may include:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medications

We’ll seek compensation for any other mistreatment-related medical expenses.

Relocation Costs

If your loved one chooses to move to a new facility, we’ll seek coverage for relocation costs. Because your loved one may not have moved if they had not suffered mistreatment, Myrtle Beach Manor may be responsible for relocating your loved one.

If your loved one passes away because of mistreatment, we’ll lead a wrongful death claim for you. We can explain recoverable losses for wrongful death during your consultation.

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