If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect at The Lakes at Litchfield Retirement Community located at 120 Lakes At Litchfield Dr. in PawleysHughey Law Firm Attorneys Island, SC, our firm will pursue justice for your family.

Hughey Law Firm fights for elderly victims of abuse and neglect, who are among the most defenseless in our society. We even took on Lakes at Litchfield and won compensation for its residents when the facility abused or neglected them.

Our team can handle the entire legal process for you. Focus on your loved one’s safety and well-being, and we’ll handle your claim.

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The Lakes at Litchfield Has Faced Prior Allegations of Abuse or Neglect

Your loved one’s case will not be the first allegation of wrongdoing against The Lakes at Litchfield. Because we represent elderly victims, we pay close attention to which facilities are the focus of abuse and neglect claims.

The nursing home abuse lawyer handling your loved one’s case may:

  • Be familiar with the facility where your loved one suffered mistreatment
  • Have experience pursuing legal action against The Lakes at Litchfield
  • Understand how to complete your loved one’s case efficiently—we hope to complete the case successfully, too

Whenever you hire an attorney to handle abuse or neglect allegations, you should consider prior experience. Our firm’s experience in elder abuse and neglect cases can be an asset for your case.

The fact that The Lakes at Litchfield has faced prior allegations of negligence may mean that:

  • The facility is not protecting residents’ safety as it must legally do
  • The facility’s management has displayed a pattern of negligence
  • Leadership at the facility has put your loved one in danger and may be financially liable for your loved one’s losses

We will assess your loved one’s case. If The Lakes at Litchfield or another party has been negligent in allowing your loved one to suffer harm, we’ll help you pursue financial justice.

Why Choose Hughey Law Firm for Your Loved One’s Case?

Hughey Law Firm has seen the deep trauma that results from mistreatment in assisted living facilities. You trusted your loved one’s safety and well-being to caregivers and management at The Lakes at Litchfield. If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect, they’ve endured the ultimate violation of trust.

Our experience with elder abuse and neglect cases positions us to handle your loved one’s case. We will extend the compassion and legal tenacity that your loved one deserves.

Our clients, who may include you and your loved one, receive:

  • The complete financial backing of Hughey Law Firm for their nursing home claim
  • The greatest possible effort from our attorneys, paralegals, and staff
  • The legal advice and moral support of our entire team

When you reach out to our team with questions, we will respond as quickly as possible. Expect empathy and support in every interaction with Hughey Law Firm.

Our presence in the Charleston area can be another asset for your case. We understand how South Carolina’s civil system works, including deadlines for your case.

We Will Act Quickly to File Your Loved One’s Case

Under the statute of limitations, we generally have three years from when a client discovered their loved one’s mistreatment (or should have discovered the mistreatment) to file a nursing home injury claim. If your loved one passed away from abuse or neglect-related injuries, we likely also have a three-year window to file a wrongful death claim.

There can be exceptions to these statutes of limitations, but we advise that you don’t wait to start your case. We will work as quickly as possible to honor any deadlines that apply.

Client Testimonials Prove Our Dedication to Each Case’s Success

Client testimonials are something you should consider when searching for a lawyer. These reviews give you a detailed explanation of how a firm treats its clients. We are proud of the many positive reviews we received from our clients, including those we’ve represented in assisted living facility abuse and neglect cases.

Some clients say in testimonials:

  • We have a dedication to getting the best possible results for our clients.
  • We go above and beyond when it comes to client service.
  • Our staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. They go above and beyond to ensure treatment with respect.
  • We turned a negative situation into a positive outcome.
  • The attorneys are both very personable, capable, and professional. The staff is also wonderful and extremely helpful.

These experiences aren’t the exception. The Hughey Law Firm team works hard to ensure that every client receives our strongest effort and an impeccable level of client service.

Hughey Law Firm will handle every aspect of your loved one’s abuse or neglect case, including:

  • Investigation: We will determine how your loved one’s abuse or neglect happened. Along the way, we’ll gather any evidence that can be helpful in your case.
  • Valuation of damages: The cost of financial elder abuse alone is $36.5 billion per year. The individual cost of your loved one’s mistreatment may escalate. We will identify the cost of your loved one’s losses.
  • Settlement negotiations: We’ll seek a settlement from liable parties. If they’re unwilling to provide fair compensation through a settlement, we’re ready to go to trial.

Our firm will defend your loved one’s rights and dignity. Our goal is to secure financial justice, and we don’t back down from any defendant.

Recoverable Damages We Hope to Win for Your Loved One

Your loved one may receive compensation for:

  • All medical care related to their abuse or neglect
  • Pain and suffering
  • Treatment for pain and suffering
  • The cost of their time staying at The Lakes at Litchfield
  • The cost of relocating to a new assisted living facility
  • Any other damages that your loved one has experienced

We won’t settle for any amount less than what your loved one deserves.

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