Whether you suffered injuries while on a boat, fell from a boat, or suffered harm from another type of boating accident, the cost of your injuries can be immense. The cost of a fatal boat accident can be even greater. A South Carolina boating accident lawyer from Hughey Law Firm will seek fair compensation in either circumstance.

Our firm has developed an unrivaled reputation for client service. We also have a robust list of successful case results demonstrating how we represent our injured clients. When you’re in a boat accident and need justice and financial support, contact Hughey Law Firm.

Why Boating Accident Victims Hire Their Lawyer from Hughey Law Firm

Hughey Law Firm AttorneysWe’ve learned from experience what boating accident victims need and want from their lawyers. We expect that you are facing several responsibilities, and physical limitations, that will make it difficult to lead your own claim or lawsuit. Our firm is here to handle every step of your case.

Boat accident victims and surviving loved ones affected by fatal accidents choose Hughey Law Firm because:

  • South Carolina is our state: Attorney Nathan Hughey is a fourth-generation South Carolinian, and much of our staff has close personal ties to The Palmetto State. We live and work daily in South Carolina, giving us an unparalleled understanding of laws, local geography, and our clients’ needs.
  • We know how to complete boating accident cases: Our attorneys are also very familiar with boating accident cases. Each case type presents unique considerations and challenges. Our extensive background in leading boating accident cases in South Carolina can benefit your case.
  • Our clients feel valued: We never forget that Hughey Law Firm cannot exist without our clients. When you hire our firm, you’ll feel like you’re part of a team.
  • Our case results prove our worth to clients: Hughey Law Firm strives to secure every dollar the client deserves. Our case results show that no matter the value of your damages, we stop at nothing to deliver for clients.
  • We can start your case today: Boating accident victims, in our experience, need fair compensation as quickly as possible. We can start your case today so that we may get the money you deserve as soon as we possibly can.

You can bet that Hughey Law Firm will treat you right.

Our firm embraces time-tested principles of client service, and we:

  • Update you regularly so you always know your case status
  • Reach out to monitor your recovery and assure you that we’re working towards a legal resolution
  • Show compassion in patience every time we speak with you
  • Provide your attorney’s direct phone number
  • Encourage you to contact our firm whenever you have a question or concern

We’re not exaggerating when we say the client comes first. Review our firm’s testimonials to hear from former clients themselves.

Our Case Results Should Instill Confidence in Our Legal Team

It is worth examining our case results more closely.

We fought tirelessly to get these financial recoveries for our clients:

  • $5.425 million for a client who suffered catastrophic injuries
  • $3.375 million for clients who lost a loved one in a way that qualified as a wrongful death
  • $2.025 million for another client who suffered severe injuries because of another party’s negligence

Clients’ damages vary immensely, but we always determine precisely how much money a client deserves—then we fight for it. We promise to do the same for you. And we do it without charging you anything upfront—we work on a no win, no fee basis.

Types of Boating Accidents That You Can Seek a Financial Recovery for in South Carolina

Boating accidents have increased as the rivers, lakes, and coastal waters have become more congested with boaters.

Many types of boating accidents can cause fatal or non-fatal injuries, including:

  • Single-boat accidents: When a motorist drives at high speeds, changes direction violently, fails to account for water depth, or engages in other forms of negligence, they may cause harm to occupants on the boat. Occupants may fall from the boat, strike parts of the boat, or suffer non-contact injuries like whiplash during a single-boat accident.
  • Multi-boat accidents: There is a high risk of serious injury when two boats collide. Unlike cars, boats generally lack seatbelts and other safety features like airbags. This means that boat occupants have little protection when their vessel strikes another or vice versa.
  • Boat-on-pedestrian collisions: Too many swimmers, skiers, tubers, and other pedestrians have seen the frightening sight of a boat bearing down on them. Direct contact with the boat’s hull, motor, or other components can cause devastating injuries and even death.
  • Explosions and fires: When defects, improper maintenance, damage, or other hazards cause explosions or fires, victims may suffer burns and other serious injuries.
  • Sinking accidents: If defects in a boat lead to a sinking accident, victims may suffer various injuries and endure psychological trauma, even if they are not physically injured.
  • Watersport accidents: Allowing someone to tow you behind a boat does not give the operator the freedom to drive recklessly. If an operator caused you to suffer injuries through dangerous driving, we’d work to hold that party accountable.

These are only a few of the most common boat accident types. If you or a loved one suffered non-fatal or fatal injuries in another type of boating accident, we can represent you in seeking money from liable parties.

The South Carolina boating accident lawyers at Hughey Law Firm have witnessed the harm that results from negligence on the water. Injuries and death are the leading outcomes when manufacturers, boat operators, and others act negligently, leading to boat accidents.

Who Is Liable for a Boating Accident in South Carolina?

As your boating accident attorneys in South Carolina, we will determine who we can hold legally (and financially) liable for your accident-related damages.

Liable parties may include:

  • A boat owner: If a boat owner made a negligent decision, such as letting an unfit minor drive their boat, the owner might be liable for your damages. A boat owner may be liable for the very fact that their boat was involved in an accident.
  • A boat driver: The individual driving the boat at the time of your accident may be liable, even if they are not the boat’s owner. Often, a liable boat operator is also the owner of the vessel. If these parties are not the same, establishing liability can be more difficult, but Hughey Law Firm is up to the task.
  • A boat manufacturer: Boat manufacturers are liable when defects in their product cause harm.
  • An engine manufacturer: Defects in boat engines can be especially dangerous. The combustibility of gasoline, combined with defects in an engine, can cause explosions and fires.
  • A municipality: If any municipality in South Carolina responsible for safety and signage in a waterway fails in its duty to protect boaters and pedestrians, it may be legally responsible for resulting harm.

Our boating accident lawyers will investigate every detail of your collision. We’ll identify every party with legal responsibility for your damages, and there may be multiple liable parties.

Forms of Boat Operator Negligence That Can Cause an Accident in South Carolina

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) reports that alcohol use is the leading contributor to fatal boating accidents.

Other contributing factors in boat accidents may include:

  • Speeding
  • Operating a boat in low visibility without necessary equipment (like spotlights and a depth finder)
  • Changing directions without slowing to a safe speed
  • Stopping suddenly or without warning to occupants
  • Accelerating rapidly or without warning
  • Driving in areas where the motorist is unsure of depth or potential hazards

The cause of your accident will be an essential factor in determining liability for your damages. We will work with professionals to determine the cause of your accident and then determine who is liable for the accident.

We’ll Seek a Financial Recovery for All Your Boating Accident-Related Damages, Including These

The nature and cost of your damages depend on whether you have suffered non-fatal injuries or lost a loved one.

Those who survive their boat accident may deserve compensation for:

  • Their pain and suffering: Boating accidents are nothing if not traumatic. Those who suffer from drowning accidents can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as may boat accident victims who don’t experience drowning. You may also suffer various other forms of pain and suffering during and after your accident.
  • Medical bills: Any medical bills related to your boating accident should entitle you to compensation. Generally, the more serious your injuries, the more costly medical care will be. However, even seemingly minor injuries can result in major medical costs.
  • Lost income: If you miss any work because of your boating accident, we’ll seek compensation for lost income. A boating accident victim may also lose earning power, fail to make bonuses and promotions, and suffer other professional damages.
  • Mental health services: We’ll include the cost of any medication, counseling, or other mental health treatment in your lawsuit or claim.
  • Property damage: If you suffered property damage, whether to your boat, phone, or other property, our attorneys will determine the cost of repair or replacement of that property.
  • Any other damages resulting from their boating accident: If you have suffered any other damages not listed here, trust the lawyer at Hughey Law Firm to seek appropriate compensation for you.

Boating accidents can happen in any area of South Carolina with water access, from Hilton Head to Moncks Corner, Charleston, and Columbia. Even cities and towns without a major river, lake, or coastal water can be the site of a boating accident.

When disaster strikes on the water, get medical help. Then, call Hughey Law Firm to seek justice immediately.

What Damages Do To Survivors of a Wrongful Death Experience?

Our team extends its condolences if you have lost a loved one following a boating accident in South Carolina. You surely have pain and suffering and may need mental health services to cope. You may also face medical bills from your loved one’s injuries, and we’ll include those healthcare expenses in your case.

Survivors of wrongful deaths in South Carolina may also suffer:

  • Loss of a spouse’s companionship
  • Loss of a parent’s guidance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of the decedent’s household services
  • Loss of the decedent’s income and other professional benefits
  • Other economic and non-economic damages

Our attorneys will not know your damages until we review your case. We can get started as soon as possible, so don’t wait to contact Hughey Law Firm.

Services the Hughey Law Firm Team Provides Boating Accident Victims in South Carolina

Hughey Law Firm provides all the legal services that a boating accident victim in South Carolina needs, including:

  • Protection: We ensure that insurance companies or defendants in your case cannot violate your rights. We manage all communications, so these parties cannot contact you first.
  • Evidence collection: Our attorneys will urgently gather evidence. We will seek witness accounts, incident reports, and other evidence that helps your case.
  • Documentation and calculation of damages: We will get any medical records, medical bills, invoices, or other documentation that helps prove your damages. Once we’ve gathered all relevant information, we’ll calculate the exact cost of those damages.
  • Settlement negotiation: Let the hardened negotiators at Hughey Law Firm demand the compensation you deserve.
  • Trial services: If your case is best fought at trial, you have chosen the right firm. The attorneys at Hughey Law Firm are trial attorneys, meaning we’re always ready to take a boating accident case to court.

We have experience, financial resources, and personnel with which to support your case. Let Hughey Law Firm do what we do best: Fight for justice.

Call Hughey Law Firm Today About Hiring a South Carolina Boating Accident Lawyer

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