Magnolias of Summerville assisted living center in Summerville, SC, has been accused of negligence before. The facility has failed to protect its residents, and this is a concern for anyone whose relative lives at Magnolias of Summerville.

If you believe your loved one suffered abuse or neglect, a Magnolias of Summerville elder mistreatment lawyer from Hughey Law Firm can fight for your loved one’s financial recovery. We have won cases against the facility already and know how to do it again if it injured you or your loved one.

Who Should Hire an Elder Mistreatment Lawyer From Hughey Law Firm?

If your loved one has suffered any type of mistreatment at Magnolias of Summerville, you may file a lawsuit to get justice for your loved one’s damages.

Elder mistreatment might involve:

  • Physical abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Neglect

No form of elder mistreatment is acceptable. While abuse involves overtly mistreating the elderly, neglect can be just as harmful. Neglect includes any failure to meet an elderly person’s basic needs.

If you believe your loved one has suffered substandard care, Magnolias of Summerville may be liable for all resulting damages.

What Damages Can Result from Elder Mistreatment in South Carolina?

An attorney from Hughey Law Firm will identify every damage resulting from your loved one’s mistreatment.

Abuse and neglect can cause a variety of serious health problems, including:

  1. Physical injuries
  2. Psychological and emotional trauma
  3. Infections
  4. Early death

Each of our clients has a unique story to tell.

We will speak with you and your loved one, as well as experts in the field, to identify recoverable damages, including:

  • Pain and suffering: The elderly may suffer for long periods of time while their caregivers fail to provide necessary care or even engage in abuse. We will work with mental health professionals to identify all types of pain and suffering your loved one has experienced.
  • Medical expenses: If your loved one needs any medical services because of the abuse or neglect they suffered, Hughey Law Firm will include the cost of care in their lawsuit. Abuse and neglect can cause serious injuries and infections that cause medical complications. We’ll ensure your loved one gets all the necessary care, and we’ll work to have liable parties cover the cost of that care.
  • Relocation expenses: If your loved one has left Magnolias of Summerville or plans to relocate, we’ll identify the cost of their move. Magnolias of Summerville or another liable party should cover movers’ fees, transportation, and other costs to enroll at a new facility.
  • Treatment for psychological and emotional trauma: Emotional and psychological mistreatment can cause lasting effects. If your loved one needs counseling, medication, or other treatment for these symptoms, we’ll seek to have Magnolias of Summerville (or another defendant) pay for it.

An attorney from our team wants to learn your loved one’s story, including the damages they have suffered. Abuse and neglect at Magnolias of Summerville demand justice, and our team will work to secure a financial recovery that holds liable parties accountable for their negligence.

Why Those Who Suffer Mistreatment at Magnolias of Summerville Should Hire Hughey Law Firm

The attorneys at Hughey Law Firm know that, all too often, the elderly are voiceless. We realize this every time a client comes to us with a story of abuse or neglect. Our team provides the voice that the elderly deserve.

You may hire Hughey Law Firm to lead your loved one’s case against Magnolias of Summerville because:

  1. We know elder mistreatment cases: Our attorneys have helped many victims of elder abuse and neglect get compensation for their damages. We know the signs of elder mistreatment, the responsibilities assisted-living facilities have to their residents, and how to seek justice for victims.
  2. We will cover the cost of your case: Hughey Law Firm does not receive any upfront fee from you. We pay for experts, cover filing fees, and shoulder the entire cost of the legal process. We only get an attorney’s fee if we get compensation for you.
  3. We always prepare to go to trial: The attorneys at Hughey Law Firm exhaust all legal options to get our clients justice. This includes taking your case to trial if we need to. We are a law firm that fights for our clients’ financial recoveries, no matter how difficult the road to justice becomes.
  4. We prioritize client service: Expect nothing but compassion, respect, and attention when you hire Hughey Law Firm for your case.

You deserve to focus on your loved one’s recovery. We’ll handle the case against Magnolias of Summerville, so you can do just that.

How Hughey Law Firm Will Seek Compensation for Your Loved One

Hughey Law Firm provides end-to-end legal services, managing elder abuse and neglect cases in South Carolina from start to finish.

We can assist you or your loved one by:

  • Determining how Magnolias of Summerville failed to protect your loved one
  • Securing all available evidence of abuse or neglect
  • Calculating the cost of your loved one’s damages
  • Documenting your loved one’s damages
  • Representing your loved one during settlement negotiations
  • Completing any necessary trial

Our first duty is to protect our client’s rights. We will ensure that neither Magnolias of Summerville nor any other liable party compromises a possible financial recovery. These parties may have lawyers of their own, and hiring Hughey Law Firm will ensure you’re working on a level playing field.

How Compensation Can Help a Victim of Elder Mistreatment

Experienced Lawyer for Elder Mistreatment Cases near ​Summerville, SC areaWhile a financial recovery cannot undo the abuse or neglect your loved one suffered, it may help in several ways.

A settlement or verdict may:

  1. Help your loved one move into a new facility where they are safe
  2. Help your loved one get the medical, psychological, and emotional treatment they need to heal
  3. Hold Magnolias of Summerville and any other liable party accountable for their negligence

Mistreatment of the elderly does not always rise to a criminal level. The civil courts allow us to get justice regardless of any potential criminal proceedings.

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