Whether at the beach, on the boardwalk or Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach has a little bit of everything to offer visitors and locals alike. However, with so many attractions drawing thousands of people to Myrtle Beach every year, accidents are bound to happen. An accident can happen at any time—in the workplace, on the roads during rush hour, or when you’re enjoying a bit of exercise on your bike. It is impossible to predict if and when you will experience an injury due to an accident, but by gaining a bit of knowledge about the steps to take after an accident, you can be prepared if one does happen. One of the most important things to remember is that even if you initially feel like there are no options, speaking to an experienced attorney might give you a different perspective on your situation.

Some people are reluctant to talk with a lawyer after they’ve been injured because they worry that the added financial strain on top of medical bills will be too much.  However, at Hughey Law Firm, our lawyers work for you on a contingency fee, meaning you do not owe us anything unless we collect a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

Dealing With the Insurance Companies

There are certain stresses involved when you incur an injury in an accident. For example, if you experience an injury in Myrtle Beach, you know the amount of pressure you are put under by insurance companies to settle early. Insurance companies are in the business of turning a profit, and although you pay a premium each month for coverage in the event an injury, they are still going to work to minimize your claim as much as they can.

Insurance companies will often use certain tactics to get you to settle early, reduce, or even deny your personal injury claim. Oftentimes, they will:

  • Request a personal statement. It might seem completely harmless to speak to an agent from the insurance company after your accident. Many times, they will reach out and seem to be genuinely concerned with your well-being and the details of the accident. It is a mistake to offer any information without a lawyer present. The insurance companies will take any opportunity they can to get you to talk about the accident. What you might not realize is that they will go through your statement and see if there is anything contradictory to your claim. This is a standard way the insurance companies attempt to discredit your case and reduce your settlement.
  • Review your medical records. Some people opt out of receiving any medical treatment after they are injured in an accident. They might think that their injuries are minor, only to develop more serious symptoms days or weeks later. Other people might not think that they can afford medical care. Skipping a visit to the doctor after an accident can cost you. The insurance companies will take a close look at your medical records when putting together their estimate of how much your claim is worth. If they see that there is a gap or lack of medical care, they will often make the argument that your injuries were not that serious and don’t warrant compensation.
  • Delay the claims process. When you start to feel the financial strain of mounting medical bills and lack of income due to time off work, it can seem like a smart idea to take any offer that is on the table. Insurance companies understand this and often will attempt to delay the claims process to the point that the injured victim feels like they have no choice but to accept whatever initial settlement offer is given. An experienced attorney can put pressure on the insurance companies and encourage them to speed up the process.

This behavior from the insurance companies is not fair to you or those who are dependent upon you. At the Hughey Law Firm, we will make sure that your Myrtle Beach personal injury case is taken care of from start to finish so that you have the best chance possible of collecting the compensation you need to start paying off those bills and get back to your life. Some of our practice areas include:

Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Injuries

The general population of Myrtle Beach consists of many people aged 55 and up. What this means is that many residents will transition into nursing homes and assisted living facilities where their needs can be met. Unfortunately, as the elderly population continues to need the care of professionals, the chances of a Myrtle Beach nursing home injury greatly increase as well. Nursing home and elder abuse are especially difficult to imagine. This is a vulnerable age group that is putting their needs in the hands of a trained professional. They trust others to provide the best care possible. When your loved one has suffered from a Myrtle Beach nursing home injury, we at the Hughey Law Firm understand the injustice you feel and will fight for you and your loved one’s rights in order to rectify the problem.

Myrtle Beach Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall injury can happen anywhere that there is a dangerous surface. We have worked with clients who have fallen at construction sites, slipped in a retail shop, or experienced a serious fall when walking past a gap in the sidewalk. Although slipping is a common routine in slapstick comedy, in actuality, there are real dangers of a slip and fall accident. Many people experience spinal cord damage, broken bones, or a TBI after a slip and fall. The Hughey Law Firm has a deep understanding of how to manage this type of case, so if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, call us without delay to learn your options.

Myrtle Beach Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctor for surgery or a routine procedure, you expect that you’re in the hands of a trained professional who has completed many years of school and has the experience needed to work on patients. Unfortunately, medical errors do happen. If you’ve been injured when you were in the hospital by a doctor or surgeon, it is important to understand your rights. Medical malpractice cases are oftentimes tricky to navigate, and it is always advisable to seek the legal representation of a knowledgeable attorney before proceeding with a claim.

Myrtle Beach Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most serious injuries is a TBI (traumatic brain injury). This can leave a victim with permanent brain damage, leading to a drastically different life than they were living before their injury. The difficulty with a TBI is that it is sometimes hard to recognize the symptoms right away. What might start out as a minor headache can escalate into slurred speech, loss of memory, or worse. Dealing with this type of injury can be especially difficult for the family members of the TBI victim. If the injured person provided the primary source of income for the family, the situation can become even more stressful. It is essential to understand that TBI victims have rights. Speak with an attorney at Hughey Law today at (843) 881-8644, or write to us online, to learn more about how to fight for just compensation after a TBI.

Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation

If you have suffered from an injury in the workplace, you are entitled to seek Myrtle Beach workers’ compensation. This process can be challenging to initiate and it is always a good idea to speak with an attorney who is knowledgeable about workers compensation claims in South Carolina. Nathan Hughey at the Hughey Law Firm will go through the details of your injury and make sure that your case is prepared for trial so you can collect the Myrtle Beach workers’ compensation you deserve. We will not allow insurance companies to bully you into a settlement. The Hughey Law Firm knows what Myrtle Beach workers’ compensation success looks like.

Myrtle Beach Auto Accident

Myrtle Beach is one of the largest tourist destinations on the east coast. This means that each summer, millions of motorists travel into the city, which greatly increases the number of Myrtle Beach auto accidents that occur. If you have been hurt in a Myrtle Beach auto accident, you need to contact the Hughey Law Firm, where your case can be represented fairly and you can get the benefits you need after being harmed.

Other Areas

Truck Accidents
Wrongful Death
Premises Liability
Trip & Fall