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Elmcroft of Florence is a long-term care facility for seniors and disabled adults in Florence, South Carolina, at 3006 Hoffmeyer Road. The facility boasts that it provides high-quality care that meets the various needs of its residents, but in reality, Elmcroft of Florence has faced lawsuits and other legal issues regarding the neglect and abuse of residents.

At Hughey Law Firm, we have successfully taken on Elmcroft of Florence on behalf of our clients and their loved ones. Nursing homes will fight against liability for resident injuries at all costs, so you need a lawyer who knows how to stand up to these facilities and win for injured clients.

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The Duties of Nursing Homes

Residents of Elmcroft pay thousands per month for assisted living facilities and significantly more per month for nursing home services. With a high price tag, residents and their families should expect top-level care and assistance from all staff members.

In addition to cost-benefit expectations, nursing homes must provide proper care under the law. State and federal laws set out many regulations and requirements to ensure the health and safety of nursing home residents, but many facilities fail to comply.

Inspections and government oversight are not enough to protect your loved one at Elmcroft of Florence. Just because these laws exist does not mean that facilities comply with them. Inspections regularly expose health and safety violations at nursing homes throughout Florence and the surrounding areas.

Nursing homes must take the necessary steps to provide:

  • Proper food and hydration
  • Shelter and sanitary conditions
  • Medical assistance for routine care and emergencies
  • Medication administration
  • Mobility assistance when necessary
  • Adequate security

In addition, most facilities promise to provide engaging activities for residents, socialization, diverse menus, and more. While these are not requirements under the law, all nursing home residents should receive treatment that keeps their health and dignity intact.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Many residents have a much different experience than their facility promises, as can been seen in nursing home abuse statistics and studies. Due to an aging population, the nursing home population expects consistent increases in the coming years as the baby boomer generation ages and needs additional assistance. Already at present, many nursing homes are understaffed, and the staff they do have might receive inadequate pay or training. Even further, turnover is high.  All of this increases the chances of serious mistakes or mistreatment that causes injuries.

Different types of nursing home mistreatment can result in serious injuries, including:

Physical abuse

Nursing home staff members have difficult jobs, but they should never take out their frustrations on the residents. However, some staff members might lash out at residents out of frustration, and physical violence can occur. Staff might hit, kick, push down, or restrain residents and cause them harm.

Some signs of physical abuse include injuries in different stages of healing, for which the nursing home staff have insufficient explanation.

Emotional and mental abuse

Not all forms of abuse involve physical harm. Mental abuse can wreak just as much devastation, especially for vulnerable nursing home residents.

Mental abuse can include:

  • Name-calling
  • Isolation
  • Humiliation
  • Threats of violence
  • Instilling fear
  • Controlling behaviors

Many residents who suffer this type of abuse have serious emotional effects. They might regress mentally, or a mental condition might worsen much quicker than expected. They might experience depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Sexual assault

Residents of nursing homes can be victims of sexual assault by staff members, other residents, or visitors to the facility. Sexual abuse can involve rape and assault, but also exposing a resident, showing them pornography against their will, exposure of the assailant’s intimate parts to a resident, unwanted touching, and more.

Sexual assault can result in physical, emotional and mental injuries, and it can also leave a nursing home resident with sexually-transmitted infections or diseases.


The above types of abuse involve intentional conduct that causes harm. Neglect also causes significant injuries, involving negligent staff members instead of intentional harm.

Staff members might not act as they should and provide the level of care a resident needs, such as:

  • Not bathing residents or changing their clothes or sheets
  • Failing to provide proper hydration and meals
  • Not giving them necessary medication or making medication mistakes
  • Failing to provide necessary routine or emergency treatment

While neglect might not be intentional criminal abuse, it can still leave residents with severe injuries and preventable health conditions.

Standing up to Elmcroft of Florence

When a business fails to abide by its duty of care or violates the law, the company should be liable for any losses that result to others.

Nursing home residents can suffer many losses from abuse or neglect, including:

  • Medical expenses if the resident needs additional medical care for health complications or injuries due to the abuse or neglect
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering and mental trauma

If a nursing home knew abuse was happening and allowed it to continue, resulting in serious injuries, punitive damage might be available.

Nursing homes want to sweep complaints of abuse and neglect under the rug. They do not want to damage the facility’s reputation, but they also do not want to admit liability and pay victims for their losses. Nursing home abuse cases can also be challenging if a resident cannot adequately express or remember what happened to cause their injuries.

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