Trampoline Parks – A Rise in Popularity and Risk

Personal Injuries

One search on Google, and you’ll be quick to find articles regarding the rise in popularity of trampoline parks such as Sky Zone.  You’ll also probably notice the numerous articles about children being injured, sometimes even hospitalized, due to accidents at trampoline parks.  At Hughey Law Firm, we have represented many clients due to injuries suffered at trampoline parks, so here a few comments on what we have seen in recent years.

Children, Trampolines and Risk

Although trampolines may appeal to persons of all ages, they are obviously most popular with children.  However, due to the developing bodies and oftentimes lack of coordination in children, precautions should be taken when allowing children access to a trampoline.  According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, children younger than six (6) years old should not be allowed on trampolines.  Moreover, unsupervised trampoline use and use by multiple children substantially increases the risk of injury.  A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that in 2014 in the United States, there were nearly 286,000 medically treated trampoline injuries, including 104,691 emergency department visits.

As trampoline use appears to be an inherently dangerous activity for children, particularly when unsupervised or when multiple children are using a single trampoline, it would only make sense that trampoline parks, in which countless children have unfettered access to a playground of trampolines, is also dangerous.  The data seems to support this theory, as trips to the emergency room due to injuries at trampoline parks increased from 581 in 2010 to 6,932 in 2014, a 1,093% increase, according to a 2016 study published in the journal Pediatrics.  The same study found there to only be a 600% increase in the number of trampoline parks in the United States, from 40 in 2011 to 280 by 2014.  Although the number of trampoline injuries at trampoline parks is significantly lower than the number of trampoline injuries at home, the study found that injuries suffered at trampoline parks were more likely to involve dislocation, injury to the lower extremities, and require hospital admission.  Essentially, trampoline park injuries are more likely to be serious.

Common Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline injuries can range from minor to very severe.  The most common injuries suffered at trampoline parks and at home on trampolines are sprains and fractures.  However, the aforementioned study found that trampoline park injuries necessitating hospital admission included open fractures and spinal cord injuries.  At Hughey Law Firm, we have seen broken bones, lacerations, bruising and more.

Contacting an Experienced Lawyer

If you or your child has been injured at a trampoline park, you may not automatically have a claim against the park, as there must be some kind of act or omission on the park’s behalf resulting in you or your child’s injury.  Additionally, there may be waiver policy issues involved.  To fully understand your legal right for injuries sustained at a trampoline park, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney with experience in this area, such as those at Hughey Law Firm.