Sumter Personal Injury

If you have experienced a Sumter personal injury, you know what kind of hardships you are forced to endure. Often, it is a struggle to find a Sumter personal injury attorney who cares more about you than your case number. At Hughey Law Firm, we extend our services across the state of South Carolina in order to help all victims of personal injuries, including Sumter personal injuries. Contact Nathan Hughey with the Hughey Law Firm to receive Sumter personal injury representation who cares about you and the injuries you’ve sustained, not about the income received from your case.

Sumter Auto Accident

A Sumter auto accident can happen at any time and when it does, it is important to rely on representation you can count on. At Hughey Law Firm, our Sumter auto accident attorneys will ensure that your case is filed properly and we will fight opposing attorneys from settling too early. We understand what justice looks like and we will not allow your Sumter auto accident to leave you without compensation for any personal injuries, loss of belongings or wages. Contact Nathan Hughey of the Hughey Law Firm today to get your Sumter auto accident case handled professionally.

Sumter Nursing Home Injury

When choosing a facility for which our loved one will stay once he or she can no longer care for themself, a lot of planning and dedication comes into play. If a Sumter nursing home injury occurs after all the research made we often tend to blame ourselves. The fact of the matter is that Sumter nursing home injuries are not our faults but it is our responsibility to ensure that justice is found. By contacting the Hughey Law Firm, you can rest easily knowing you and your loved one are in good hands and the proper compensation that is needed to take care of the impending medical bills can be recovered.

Sumter Workers’ Compensation

An injury in the workplace can hit you hard both physically and financially. Sadly, insurance companies will often try to bully you into a settlement or insist that your injuries are not bad enough to merit Sumter workers’ compensation. The first step you need to take in fixing this situation is by contacting Nathan Hughey with the Hughey Law Firm to begin filing your Sumter workers’ compensation case. We will ensure that your case is handled in court in such a way where you will not be denied Sumter workers’ compensation for your injuries. Nathan Hughey is a Sumter workers’ compensation attorney who cares about your needs.