There are few injuries to the human body worse than traumatic brain injury. Because we rely on a healthy brain for life quality, you may deem traumatic brain injury the worst injury in existence. TBI continues to become a serious problem both nationally and here in South Carolina. National statistics show that 1.5 million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries every year.

Perhaps you’ve just experienced an accident that’s led to a major brain injury. What should you do next if you feel like your world is suddenly falling apart?

Finding Immediate Legal Help

Your first step after being diagnosed with TBI from an accident is to contact a personal injury attorney. Those of you living in the Summerville area shouldn’t wait, because time is of the essence in gathering evidence if planning a lawsuit. We can help you at Hughey Law Firm. Call us at (843) 881-8644 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced traumatic brain injury attorneys.

Our Law Firm’s Results

Take a look at our results page to see some of the successful settlements we’ve won for past clients. Many of these settlements equal millions of dollars paid to those suffering with lifelong medical bills; one of our most prominent cases was a driver of a pickup who ended up paraplegic from a truck collision. We recovered more than $5 million for this client as a result of proving the truck driver was to blame.

Obviously, every case is unique, and past results are no guarantee of future outcome. Nevertheless, our past record speaks to the commitment we provide every client in need of relief.

Typical Injury Scenarios Associated With TBI

The complications seen with brain injuries can often turn tragic. After an accident, you may experience specific symptoms indicative of TBI. As MayoClinic notes, you may feel confused or disoriented, including blacking out for a few minutes at a time. Other symptoms may include nausea, fatigue, problems with speech, or loss of balance.

These are just from mild cases. More severe TBI can lead to a coma, seizures, and fluid in the brain. Many of these symptoms could become ongoing medical problems throughout life. Imagine what this means in long-term medical costs.

Who’s at Fault for Your Injury?

Those responsible for your brain injury could end up being more than one person. In car accident scenarios, it can sometimes become a domino effect of one thing causing another. Perhaps someone is driving a defective truck or car that ultimately caused the accident. At the same time, the driver could still take some measures to avoid the accident or was maybe distracted.

In product liability cases, those responsible for quality control within product manufacturing are often to blame. For product liability, numerous people are possibly guilty, including the CEO of the company for not properly training quality assurance employees. Unfortunately, insurance companies for these companies (or individuals) will often do their best to make you look culpable. It’s best not to communicate with them on your own. They’ll frequently try to make you settle early for an amount less than you deserve.

Damages You May Recover

One of the first things your personal injury attorney will pursue is compensation for your medical bills. When you have TBI, these can easily add up to six figures over time. Not only does it include your initial hospital bills, but also ongoing rehab and other treatments. You may also pursue compensation for the mental anguish you may face in the coming years. Your brain injuries are going to affect not only you, but also your family.

On top of this, you may not be able to work. Even if you can go back to work after extensive rehabilitation, the lost wages you experience could place your family in financial jeopardy. The team at Hughey Law Firm will fight hard on your behalf to win you a substantial settlement. While life may never being the same again after a TBI, having enough money for financial solvency will help ensure a stable and favorable recovery.

Will Those Liable Try to Get out of Paying Their Fair Share?

Liable parties may try to turn the tables and make it look like you’re to blame for the accident. Again, this mostly comes from insurance companies wanting to avoid a payout for your injuries. You should always let your attorney handle all communication with insurance companies. Our team does this every day, and we know what these common insurance tactics are. We’ll make sure you’re not swindled by taking an early settlement for a fraction of your claim’s worth.

How Much Will a Personal Attorney Cost?

Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. Additionally, we can work on a contingent fee basis, meaning your attorney charges no fee unless a settlement or judgment is obtained. This is what we do at Hughey Law Firm.

Don’t hesitate to acquire an attorney just because you fear the costs. We’re here to help you win a settlement or judgment so costs don’t become a burden.

Let Us Represent You Now

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