A quiet town in upstate South Carolina, Spartanburg has seen a revitalization in its downtown and neighborhoods in recent years attracting developers and businesses. With this revitalization comes increased residents and visitors to the area, and subsequently increased accidents.

Spartanburg Personal Injury

At Hughey Law Firm, we understand the importance of finding an excellent Spartanburg personal injury attorney that can take care of your case in court. More often than not, an attorney does not focus on the details surrounding your Spartanburg personal injury and passes you off between lawyers and paralegals until the process becomes so confusing, you no longer are participating. At Hughey Law Firm, we answer all your questions so your Spartanburg personal injury is treated both medically and in the court of law.

Spartanburg Slip & Falls

A slip and fall injury can happen anywhere that there is a dangerous surface. We have worked with clients who have fallen at construction sites, slipped in a retail shop, or experienced a serious fall when walking past a gap in the sidewalk. Although slipping is a common routine in slapstick comedy, in actuality, there are real dangers of a slip and fall accident.

Spartanburg Auto Accident

Spartanburg, South Carolina is the perfect place to make a pit stop for the night when driving down to the South Carolina coast. Unfortunately, many motorists refuse to take the break they need to keep their senses alert behind the wheel causing injuries to other drivers. If you have suffered from a Spartanburg auto accident injury, you need to seek representation that is well-versed and experienced enough to handle your specific case. No two Spartanburg auto accidents are alike and that is why it is so important for your attorney to listen to the details surrounding your case so a proper plan for litigation can be devised. At Hughey Law Firm, Nathan Hughey gets to know you as a person, not as a case number, and believes in obtaining benefits for the people who have happened upon such an unfortunate Spartanburg auto accident.

Spartanburg Nursing Home Injuries

Spartanburg nursing home injuries can happen when negligence plays a part of a daily routine at a care facility. It is only natural to blame yourself when a loved one is harmed under the care of someone who you believed you could trust. At Hughey Law Firm, we understand the feelings of anger and frustration you are going through after a Spartanburg nursing home injury and we will do all we can to seek justice after an act of negligence.

Spartanburg Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job and don’t know where to turn to begin seeking the proper Spartanburg workers’ compensation, Nathan Hughey with Hughey Law Firm has the experience and guidance to help. We understand the importance of working with a qualified attorney for your Spartanburg workers’ compensation case. We will work with you from start to finish on preparing your Spartanburg workers’ compensation case for litigation so you always know how your case is progressing. Now your primary concern can be to heal your injuries while we take care of your case.