Hughey Law Firm AttorneysWhen you choose a veterans’ home for your loved one, you expect he or she is in safe hands and will receive the respectful and dignified treatment their service commands. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some veterans’ facilities hire abusive or neglectful employees or institute unsafe practices. Residents of those facilities can end up injured, sick, or, in some cases, dying untimely deaths.

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Our Results in Veterans’ Home Neglect and Abuse Cases

The Hughey Law Firm has a successful history of standing up to neglect and abuse on behalf of injured clients, including those harmed as residents of veterans’ homes. For example, we successfully sued a nursing home for wrongful death after a patient escaped the facility and died. We have also successfully sued nursing homes and group homes for injuries resulting from neglect and abuse.

Our past results do not guarantee future results in any particular case. But our accomplishments prove that we work hard on behalf of all of our clients. Consult one of our attorneys to learn more.

Veterans Deserve Better Than This!

Many injuries fall under the umbrellas of neglect and abuse in a veterans’ home environment. While many people believe these cases are few and far between, allegations of neglectful and abusive behavior are associated with facilities in both Charleston and Columbia, according to a USA Today investigation.

  • Bed sores – Bed sores indicate that staff members are not performing their duty of moving your loved one on a regular basis. Bed sores can cause serious health consequences if not adequately prevented and addressed, including life-threatening infections. Several residents in Charleston and Columbia developed bed sores; at least one case was serious, USA Today
  • Choking – Wrongful death claims linked to choking are not uncommon. Veterans’ homes have a duty to provide adequate care, especially if a patient has a history or medical condition associated with choking.
  • Infections – Veterans’ home residents may experience urinary tract infections (which veterans in both Columbia and Charleston did), or similar illnesses that can lead to significant health complications if not treated properly. Untreated infections can lead to sepsis, which is deadly. At least one facility in Columbia, South Carolina was reported for leaving a catheter in a patient’s bladder. This negligence can lead to a serious infection.
  • Resident abuse – Negligence also includes turning a blind eye to patient-on-patient abuse. A veterans’ home should never allow the bullying or physical abuse of your loved one by other residents—or staff. The V.A. found that residents in both Charleston and Columbia “Were physically restrained on a daily basis.”
  • FallsFalls are among the most common injuries to occur in any nursing or assisted living home. Falls frequently lead to broken bones and fractures. For people with health issues or the elderly, a fall can have devastating consequences for mobility and long-term health. Veterans in both Charleston and Columbia suffered falls, suffering what the Department of Veterans Affairs deemed major injuries.
  • Medication errors – When veterans’ home patients receive the wrong medications, the mistake can prove fatal. Errors in distributing pain and antipsychotic medications are especially serious, and the V.A. found both in Charleston and Columbia facilities.
  • Emotional abuse – Some veterans’ home staff may threaten or intimidate residents to force compliance or cover up wrongful behavior.
  • Weight loss – Sudden weight loss may indicate your loved one is not receiving proper nutrition. In addition to malnutrition, your loved one may also require rehydration.
  • Sexual abuse – Sadly, sexual abuse can take place in many veterans’ facilities. Abusers could include staff members, nurses, and even other residents.

If you suspect abuse is taking place in your loved one’s veterans’ home, act quickly to protect your loved one’s safety and seek justice.

Fighting to Help Veterans Recover From Veterans’ Home Injuries

Owners and operators of veterans’ homes, including the state and federal government, often bear legal liability in instances of abuse or neglect of their residents—especially if staff failed to follow policies or procedures, or if the owner failed to implement the appropriate policies and procedures to protect residents.

Veterans’ home staff may also face liability for the abuse and neglect in which they participate. Some may even face criminal charges.

When abuse comes to light, the responsible parties may attempt to escape paying for the damage they caused. For instance, many homes try to avoid liability by denying any form of responsibility for a resident’s injuries. The owners may claim they are not responsible for the actions of their employees, or that the resident’s own conduct caused the injury.

In addition, veterans’ homes and their insurers may try to offer the family of an injured resident a settlement for much less than the amount the resident deserves or needs. By working with an experienced veterans’ home abuse lawyer at Hughey Law Firm, you can help protect your loved one’s rights.

A veterans’ home abuse attorney can help determine fault for the abuse and neglect your loved one suffered. A thorough examination into the facility’s practices could also make the facility safer for other residents. Your actions can help spare other U.S. military veterans from a fate they do not deserve.

Can Veterans Recover Compensation?

As a victim of veterans’ home abuse or neglect, your loved one may qualify to recover damages, including:

  • Medical care – If abuse and neglect left your loved one injured or sick, you may receive compensation for the associated medical costs. These may include the cost of long-term future care.
  • Pain and suffering – Emotional, sexual, and physical abuse all leave lasting consequences. Your loved one may qualify for compensation for that physical and emotional pain.
  • Funeral and burial – In the unfortunate event that your loved one passed away because of abusive or neglectful behavior, you may qualify for compensation for the costs of the funeral and burial.

Injured Veterans: Call the Hughey Law Firm Today

Attorney Hughey Law FirmHughey Law Firm offers free consultations to all potential clients. We handle veterans’ home abuse and neglect cases on a contingent-fee basis, in which we only receive payment if we secure a settlement or judgment in our clients’ favor.

Please also keep in mind that South Carolina has a three-year statute of limitations in most personal injury cases. The sooner you seek the advice of an experienced veterans’ home attorney, the better.

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