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South Carolina has a well established field of case law in #slipandfall or #premisesliability cases. Basically, a store owner can’t create dangerous conditions – or sit around and do nothing if he knows or should know one exists. These cases – premises liability, also known as slip and fall, can be difficult. An experienced #premisesliability lawyer like those at +Hughey Law Firm – Injury Lawyers are needed to handle these cases. They rarely result in settlement pre- suit. I typically recommend proceeding with litigation.

Some of the more interesting cases I have had include a $1,625,000.00 settlement in which I was a #myrtlebeachlawyer prosecuting the claim. We found the realty company misrepresented its maintenance team. That led to a similar case involving a dangerous strip mall. I found a note in discovery that read, “If we don’t fix this, somebody is gonna sue us”.

I have a #wrongfuldeath claim against a college housing complex pending in Conway SC involving housing for #CoastalCarolina students. That case is a case involving inadequate security.

Others have included matters which are #walmartlawsuit claims for failing to clean the floors, and I recently prosecuted an #eyeinjury claim for a child who impaled it on a dangerous clothing hook. Another involved a severed toe on an escalator.

In premises liability cases, the invitee (business visitor) is offered the utmost duty of care by the owner or
occupier of the premises. The owner or occupier of the property owes to an invitee or business
visitor the duty of exercising reasonable or ordinary care for his safety, and is liable for injuries
resulting from the breach of this duty.

The owner must warn an invitee of any unsafe conditions of which the defendant knew or should have known, The owner must use due care to discover risks and take safety precautions to warn of or eliminate foreseeable unreasonable risks.

Additionally, he owes a duty to warn of
hidden dangers or unsafe conditions ofwhich the merchant knows or in the exercise of reasonable supervision and inspection should know.

A Plaintiff can be up to 50% at fault and still recover. The Plaintiff’s comparative negligence reduces the award by the percentage.

You may need a Charleston SC Personal Injury Attorney from Hughey Law Firm if one of the following has happened to you:

Retail store falling accidents
Stairwell accident, escalator or elevator accident
Parking lot or sidewalk injuries
Assault, negligent security
Dog bite or other animal attack
Construction site or workplace accident
Inadequate security,
Amusement park accidents
Liquor liability and dram shop accidents (drunk drivers leaving bars and restaurants)
and others.

We have recovered many millions of dollars in #settlement s and welcome a call to #charlestonlawy +Nathan Hughey hey +Hughey Law Firm – Injury Lawyers ers to discuss your claim.