Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston promises to keep residents safe. Just as importantly, these facilities vow to provide the most basic care that every elderly person deserves. If your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse in one of these facilities, Hughey Law Firm can work to hold liable parties accountable. We’ve done it before—we have successfully pursued compensation for residents at Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston when it failed to protect them—and we can do it again. Reach out to a Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston Assisted Living Facility Neglect and Abuse Attorney.

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Elder Mistreatment Causes Great Harm, and We’ll Seek Justice for Your Loved One’s Losses

Residents at assisted living facilities often enter as proud, self-sufficient individuals. Abuse and neglect can strip a victim of their identity and agency and even cause lasting trauma that is difficult to overcome. Hughey Law Firm does everything in its power to right these tragic wrongs.

Our team will identify all damages your loved one has suffered—and any damages they may experience going forward.

Your loved one’s recoverable losses may include:

  • Medical bills: If neglect or abuse causes injury to your loved one, they may face medical bills for related care. Liable parties, including any abuser or neglecter, should cover these costs.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering may include distress, pain, and certain other symptoms of elder abuse.
  • The cost of trauma-specific treatment: Your loved one may need treatment for the trauma they’ve endured. Any counseling, medication, or other treatment should have coverage by a civil case.
  • Relocation expenses: Your loved one may choose to move out of Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston, and nobody can blame them. The cost of relocating, including transportation and moving expenses, should be the liable party’s to pay.
  • The cost of medical equipment: Our firm may get compensation for any medical equipment your loved one requires, especially if they did not require that equipment before being abused or neglected.

We approach each elder abuse case as an open book. We want to hear your loved one’s story and make a comprehensive record of their losses. Hughey Law Firm will not rest until we’ve fought for the compensation your loved one deserves.

Why Choose Hughey Law Firm to Represent Your Loved One?

When someone is the victim of negligence by a major institution, they need a lawyer who handles high-stakes cases. Hughey Law Firm handles civil cases against major assisted-living facilities on a regular basis. We know that liable parties will fight to avoid paying for their negligence, and we won’t back down.

With Hughey Law Firm, you and your loved one will get:

  • A law firm that knows civil law in South Carolina and has ample experience navigating the civil legal system
  • Consistent communication from our team, whether we’re updating you on your case or you’re calling us with a question or concern
  • The complete financial support of our firm—we don’t get a fee unless we win, so we’ll put forth the strongest case that we can
  • A law firm that truly cares and goes the extra mile to make our clients happy

The lawyer-client relationship is personal to us. Expect to feel valued and fought for as a client of Hughey Law Firm.

My Loved One Is the Victim of Mistreatment in Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston. What Should I Do?

Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston Assisted Living Facility Neglect and Abuse AttorneyThe revelation that your loved one suffered abuse or neglect may have been startling. Eventually, the shock may turn into anger—your loved one deserved better. One clear way to start seeking justice for your loved one is to hire an attorney.

Hughey Law Firm regularly represents victims of elder mistreatment in South Carolina. We’re familiar with facilities that have faced allegations of abuse or neglect, and Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston is among them.

Our firm will work swiftly, fighting for a financial recovery that covers your loved one’s losses.


How Hughey Law Firm Can Help Your Loved One

We are a full-service law firm. When clients come to us for help, we take the entire legal process off their hands.

Expect our team to help your loved one by:

  • Gathering the details of their mistreatment: Every victim of abuse has a unique account of events. We’ll speak with your loved one (if they’re up to it), review incident reports and other evidence, and get a clear understanding of your case.
  • Building the case with evidence: Evidence is a key factor in how a case will unfold. Our attorneys and investigators will pursue medical records, victim testimony, witness testimony, video footage, incident reports, and any other evidence that details your loved one’s mistreatment.
  • Documenting your loved one’s damages: Elder mistreatment causes harm in every case. Our attorneys will determine what damages your loved one has suffered due to abuse or neglect. Our team will also assign a monetary value to those damages, telling us how much compensation to seek for your loved one.
  • Hiring experts to support our case: Experts may testify that your loved one shows symptoms of abuse or neglect or assist us in other ways. Hughey Law Firm pays our experts’ fees, so you don’t have to.
  • Negotiating a settlement: Most civil cases result in a settlement, but we only advise clients to accept a settlement if it covers all of the victim’s damages. You or your loved one will have the final judgment of whether to accept or deny a liable party’s settlement offer.
  • Protecting your loved one: Protecting the client is the primary objective. Your loved one’s financial recovery is our top priority, and we’ll protect them from anyone who threatens their case.

Dignity is important to us. We understand that elderly victims of abuse have suffered trauma. An assisted living facility abuse and neglect attorney from our firm will treat your loved one with respect and compassion. Conversely, our attorneys will seek to hold Laurel Baye Healthcare of Williston liable for the harm they’ve caused.

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