Elder abuse or neglect is unacceptable, and ignorance is not an excuse for an elder care facility to permit elder mistreatment. Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville has faced allegations of failing to protect residents from abuse and neglect. If your loved one suffered mistreatment at this facility, they deserve justice.

The team at Hughey Law Firm will fight for financial recovery for your loved one. A settlement or judgment can help your loved one with medical bills, relocation costs, and other damages. If we secure compensation, it will also hold Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville accountable for its negligence. Reach out to a Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville Abuse and Neglect Attorney.

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Why Choose Hughey Law Firm to Lead Your Case Against Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville?

Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville Abuse and Neglect AttorneysWhen you pursue a case based on abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you should hire a law firm with relevant experience. Hughey Law Firm counts nursing home abuse and neglect cases among our primary practice areas. We have seen the toll that elder mistreatment takes on its victims, and we know how to get justice for those victims.

Some results we have obtained against assisted living facilities and nursing homes include:

  • $1,375,000 recovery for allowing a resident to wander from the premises
  • $1,000,000 for pressure sores
  • $875,000 for wheelchair accident injuries
  • $750,000 for injuries from physical assault

If you choose Hughey Law Firm to represent you in a case against Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville, you should expect:

  • An attorney dedicated to your case: Our team of attorneys develops a personal relationship with each client. We pay attention to the details of our clients’ cases and know where each case stands at any given time. You and your loved one will be like family to us, and you will feel valued as a client of Hughey Law Firm.
  • The full financial support of our firm: Hughey Law Firm will pay all case-related expenses, including filing fees. We will also cover their fees if we hire experts to help with your case. You will not pay our firm anything when you hire us, as we only get a fee if we get a financial recovery for you.
  • Respect in every interaction with our firm: Our law firm treats clients respectfully, understanding that your time is valuable. We will always be available to answer your questions and update you whenever your case circumstances change.
  • A firm that knows Blackville: We serve clients throughout South Carolina and are familiar with Blackville. We will navigate the civil justice system as efficiently as possible, fighting with urgency for your financial recovery.

Experience is important whenever someone pursues a civil case. Nursing homes like Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville may have legal teams on standby, so it is even more important that you present a strong case. Hughey Law Firm can lead the legal process for you, lending our manpower, legal experience, and financial resources to you and your loved one.

An elder abuse and neglect attorney from Hughey Law Firm will start your case today. Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville must be accountable for the harm it caused your loved one, and our team will work to hold owners responsible for their failures.

How Hughey Law Firm Will Handle Your Case Against Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville

We are a full-service law firm. Your loved one will only need to focus on recovery, relocation, and other personal matters. Hughey Law Firm will handle all of the legal responsibilities.

We help victims of elder abuse and neglect by:

Identifying, Documenting, and Calculating the Victim’s Damages

Our team will work with doctors and experts to identify your loved one’s losses.

We will also collect all available documentation of their losses, which may include:

  • Medical records
  • Photographs and medical images of injuries
  • Invoices for relocation-related expenses
  • Proof of financial malpractice by parties associated with the nursing home
  • Any other documentation that proves your loved one’s losses

We will calculate the cost of your loved one’s economic and non-economic damages, both present and future.

Handling the Day-to-Day Demands of Your Case

Our team will oversee every detail of your case, including communications and paperwork. We will also interview witnesses, get their testimony, keep tabs on the courts, and handle any other duties that your case requires.

Seeking a Settlement

Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville may settle your loved one’s case. So long as the settlement offer is fair, we may advise that you accept it, as settling can be the most direct way of getting the compensation your loved one deserves.

Our team will fight for a fair settlement offer, as defendants may not offer fair compensation immediately. Settlement negotiations may be contentious, and we will lead this process for you.

Completing Any Necessary Trial

Our lawyers will take your case to trial if it is in your best interests. Trials are not statistically common in civil cases, but we take cases to court when necessary.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) explains that only a small portion of elder abuse cases ever lead to criminal charges. A civil lawsuit may be your best, or only, chance to hold Laurel Baye Healthcare of Blackville responsible for its negligence. Let Hughey Law Firm make the most of this opportunity for you.

Damages That May Entitle Your Loved One to Compensation

Recoverable damages in elder abuse and neglect cases may include:

  • The cost of moving your loved one to a new facility
  • Your loved one’s pain and suffering
  • Treatment for emotional or psychological trauma
  • Medical expenses related to abuse or neglect
  • Any other financial or non-financial losses resulting from the nursing home’s negligence

It may be difficult to quantify the full cost of elder abuse and neglect, but it is not impossible. Our attorneys calculate the toll of nursing home neglect regularly, and we will also determine the cost of your loved one’s losses.

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