Nursing home abuse is unacceptable and is often grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Hughey Law Firm’s ​Pinewood Place Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers represent families of victims who suffered abuse while living at Pinewood Place Assisted Living Community at 101 Centennial Boulevard, Goose Creek, SC 29445. In fact, we’ve successfully represented residents there who found themselves injured by the facility’s neglect or abuse.

If your loved one suffered harm from mistreatment while residing at Pinewood Place, we know how to assist you. We’ll work to hold liable parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused your loved one.

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Pinewood Place Has Faced Allegations of Negligence Before, Marking an Alarming Pattern of Mistreatment

Because we represent elderly abuse and neglect victims in Goose Creek and throughout South Carolina, we encounter facilities with multiple allegations of mistreatment. When we see these patterns of insufficient care for—or outright abuse of—the elderly, we are ready to take action.

Our team will seek justice for any type of mistreatment your loved one has suffered, including:


Elderly residents at Pinewood Place may face physical, psychological, or emotional abuse.

Abuse may include:

  • Slapping, punching, or striking your loved one in any other way
  • Calling your loved one names
  • Intentionally causing harmful emotions like terror or anxiety
  • Threatening your loved one
  • Pushing your loved one

Any intentional, overt action that harms your loved one may qualify as abuse.


Elder neglect is the failure to meet an older adult’s basic needs.

Neglect can include failure to:

  • Feed your loved one
  • Bathe your loved one
  • Help your loved one to the restroom
  • Assist your loved one in drinking
  • Provide all necessary medications
  • Meet any other basic care needs

Neglect can result from understaffing, hiring under-qualified caregivers, or lack of care by assisted living facility staff. Whatever the reason behind neglect is, failure to care properly for your loved one is never tolerable.

Neglect can lead to bedsores, infections, and other adverse health outcomes. An elderly resident who has suffered neglect may also have to do more independently, increasing the risk of choking, falls, and other potentially fatal events.


Predators may see elderly individuals like your loved one as easy targets. If your loved one has control of their finances, has valuables in their possession, or becomes the target of a sexual predator, then they can be a victim of exploitation.

The attorneys at Hughey Law Firm know how to spot signs of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We will work with doctors and other qualified professionals as we review your loved one’s case. If someone has mistreated your loved one, we’ll work relentlessly to hold them accountable.

Why Choose Hughey Law Firm to Represent Your Loved One Against Pinewood Place Assisted Living Community?

​Pinewood Place Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Representing victims of injuries in assisted living facilities is a key piece of what our firm does. Because this is one of our key practice areas, we know what it takes to win cases like yours. Just as importantly, we know that these cases are sensitive, and your loved one is worthy of our utmost compassion.

You may hire us to lead your loved one’s case because of:

  • Our case results: Our attorneys have secured financial recoveries for many clients. Our case results include recoveries of more than $5 million, $3 million, $2 million, $1.5 million, and several recoveries of more than $1 million. While we can’t be certain of what recovery your loved one deserves just yet, we will find out shortly after accepting your case.
  • Our client testimonials: You can learn much from reading clients’ reviews of their law firms. Our clients have left many reviews praising our work ethic, attention to detail, and personal touch for each case we handle.
  • Our dedication to winning cases: We won’t rest until we’ve recovered the financial recovery your loved one deserves. If we don’t secure the successful outcome we aim for, then you won’t owe us anything.
  • Your own impression of our firm: You can complete a free, no-obligation consultation, asking any questions that you still have about our firm.

You and your loved one will have your attorney’s phone number. When you need to reach us, we’ll be here.


What Hughey Law Firm Will Do for You and Your Loved One in Goose Creek

Our team will lead every stage of your case against Pinewood Place Assisted Living Community.

We generally assist victims of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation by:

  • Investigating the circumstances of mistreatment
  • Gathering any evidence that will be useful to your case
  • Identifying all parties with liability for your loved one’s damages
  • Hiring experts to add credibility to your loved one’s case
  • Leading settlement discussions
  • Taking the case to trial, if we need to

Though settlements are more common than civil trials, Hughey Law Firm never pre-plans our cases. We’re prepared to take any step, including going to court, if it is in your loved one’s best interests.

What Damages May You or Your Loved One Recover for Mistreatment in Pinewood Place?

Every victim of elder mistreatment experiences unique losses, but your loved one’s damages may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses resulting from the abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  • The cost of relocating to a new facility
  • The cost of any psychological counseling or other treatment that your loved one needs
  • The cost of your loved one’s time living at Pinewood Place

We assess damages on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys will fight for the entire financial recovery your loved one deserves.

Who Is Responsible for Your Loved One’s Damages?

Pinewood Place Assisted Living Community may be liable for your loved one’s damages, but we’ll determine liability once we have all relevant facts and evidence.

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