Did your loved one suffer abuse or neglect at Jolley Acres Healthcare Center at 1180 Wolfe Trail SW in Orangeburg, South Carolina?

Some of Hughey Law Firm’s clients have, and we have recovered compensation for them. We can work to hold the liable parties accountable for your loved one’s unacceptable mistreatment.

Our firms Jolley Acres Healthcare Center abuse and neglect attorneys can lead the legal process while you help your loved one recover. We’ll handle all case-related expenses, and we only receive a fee if we get a financial recovery for your loved one.

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Who Should Take Legal Action Against Jolley Acres Healthcare Center?

You might take legal action against Jolley Acres Healthcare Center if your loved one suffered any time of mistreatment while living at the facility.

Mistreatment can include:

  • Neglect, or the failure to meet your loved one’s basic needs
  • Abuse, or the intentional infliction of harm upon your loved one (whether it is physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or otherwise)
  • Exploitation, which can be financial or of other another nature

Hughey Law Firm fights for victims of elder abuse in Orangeburg and throughout South Carolina. We take it personally when facilities like Jolley Acres fail to care properly for their residents. You are not the first family member or resident to complain of elder mistreatment by Jolley Acres Healthcare Center.

Our team can review your circumstances and fight for the justice your loved one deserves.

Potentially Recoverable Damages in an Abuse or Neglect Case Against Jolley Acres Healthcare Center

​Jolley Acres Healthcare Center Abuse and Neglect AttorneysElderly victims are especially vulnerable. When they suffer physical or psychological abuse or must fend for themselves because of neglect, the resulting harm can be great.

Some recoverable damages we see in elder abuse cases include:

  • Relocation costs: The priority is to get your loved one out of harm’s way. If you haven’t already, this may mean moving them out of Jolley Acres Healthcare Center. Our team will seek coverage for the cost of relocation.
  • Medical expenses: Any medical costs resulting from abuse or neglect should be recoverable. Though the elderly often need medical care as a regular course of life, medical expenses caused by abuse and neglect are not normal—no matter if a defendant claims they are.
  • Pain and suffering: Elder abuse and neglect cause suffering. We know this partly because authorities like the National Institute on Aging (NIA) tell us so. Your own eyes and instincts may show you that your loved one has suffered.
  • Financial losses: If your loved one is the victim of financial exploitation, we’ll identify the cost of their monetary losses.

Every elder abuse and neglect case is unique. Our team will work with you, your loved one, and informed experts to recognize all recoverable damages.


We Know the Signs and Symptoms of Abuse and Neglect

Having handled many elder abuse and neglect cases, the Hughey Law Firm team can recognize many signs of abuse and neglect, including:

  • A dirty living area
  • A disheveled appearance
  • Personality changes
  • Social withdrawal
  • Physical injuries
  • Financial abnormalities
  • Other signs that something is not right with your loved one

Knowing your loved one, you may be in the best position to recognize something is amiss. We will work with you, doctors, experts, and anyone else who can help with your loved one’s case.

The Jolley Acres Healthcare Center abuse and neglect attorneys from Hughey Law Firm are here to help. We’ll fight for the justice that your loved one deserves.

Why Trust Hughey Law Firm to Pursue Justice for Your Loved One in Orangeburg?

Elder abuse and neglect cases are a significant part of what we do. The experience we’ve accrued from handling such cases may be invaluable. Because we’ve been there before, we know the challenges that your loved one’s case may present. We also know legal strategies that may work for your loved one’s case.

You may choose Hughey Law Firm as your attorneys because:

  • We have a reputation for representing elderly victims and for treating them well
  • Hughey Law Firm’s case results prove that we can win high-stakes cases
  • We pride ourselves on communication—we’ll provide regular updates, and you can reach us whenever you need us
  • We know Orangeburg’s civil justice system and will be ready to handle your case in this jurisdiction
  • We never back down from other lawyers, fighting for the entire financial recovery that our client deserves

Review our firm’s client testimonials to find out exactly how we’ve helped our clients.

How Hughey Law Firm Will Lead Your Case Against Jolley Acres

Each case we handle presents a unique set of circumstances and demands.

We’ll be ready to complete every step in your loved one’s case, including:

  • Investigation: Hughey Law Firm conducts in-depth investigations for each case we’ll handle. We’ll seek any evidence showing your loved one’s abuse or neglect. We may also interview witnesses, reconstruct harmful circumstances, hire experts, and take other measures to build your loved one’s case.
  • Calculation of damages: We must determine the monetary cost of your loved one’s damages, and we will.
  • Settlement negotiations: We can negotiate a settlement that covers your loved one’s losses. However, you or your loved one will have the final say on whether to accept a settlement offer.
  • Trial (if necessary): Trials are not common in civil cases but are sometimes necessary. If we cannot settle, we’ll take your loved one’s case to trial if it is in their interests.

The case will also require us to handle the day-to-day realities of a lawsuit. We’ll draft and file paperwork, conduct case-related communications, and manage every other aspect of the legal process in Orangeburg.

We do everything that we can to get justice for your loved one. From start to finish, Hughey Law Firm will fight for the best possible legal outcome.

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