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Greenville Personal Injury

When it comes to Greenville personal injury, there is no one safe from the risk. A personal injury can happen any number of ways and if you experience a Greenville personal injury, you need to seek representation immediately. Nathan Hughey at the Hughey Law Firm has the ability to represent clients from all over the state of South Carolina and Greenville is no exception.   Allow our Greenville personal injury attorney to assist you in obtaining the benefits you need after being injured.

Greenville Auto Accident

Greenville, South Carolina is home to a beautiful college campus but with college campuses come inexperienced drivers. Unfortunately, Greenville auto accidents happen and when they do, you need an attorney who can file a claim for you in an experienced and professional manner. Nathan Hughey and the team at Hughey Law Firm want to assist you after your Greenville auto accident by carefully analyzing your case to ensure that all facts hold up in court.

Greenville Nursing Home Injury

If someone you love has experienced a Greenville nursing home injury, you know what a devastating time of your life this can be. Family of the injured feel betrayed by the care facility they thought they could trust. If this has happened to you, contact the Hughey Law Firm to seek justice for your Greenville nursing home injury; because nobody should experience neglect in a trusted facility.

Greenville Workers’ Compensation

Injuries that occur in the workplace happen all too often and many people assume that their insurance will not cover the accident. What many don’t know is that Greenville workers’ compensation is available to everyone. If your employer is trying to trick you out of your Greenville workers’ compensation rights, contact the Hughey Law Firm so you can receive the compensation and benefits you deserve after an accident on the job.

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