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Florence Personal Injury

As one of the largest cities in the state of South Carolina, cases of Florence personal injury are frequent. Oftentimes, in larger cities, it is difficult to find an attorney who cares about your Florence personal injury. At Hughey Law Firm, we make sure that your individual case is regarded as more than just a number and instead as a client and a human being with an injury that needs compensation. Your Florence personal injury is not an inconvenience to us- we will do all we can to ensure that an appropriate settlement is reached.

Florence Auto Accident

Florence, South Carolina sees a lot of traffic as visitors from all over the country travel by car to the coast of South Carolina. With such a large influx of motor vehicle traffic, the chances of sustaining injuries in a Florence auto accident increase. Whether you are a local or a visitor, it is best to contact representation that is familiar with the area and can assist in trying your Florence auto accident case. Nathan Hughey represents cases across the state of South Carolina and is knowledgeable of all governing laws for individual counties. Let us help you get the benefits you need after your Florence auto accident.

Florence Nursing Home Injury

Since the city of Florence, South Carolina is so large, it’s no question that when it comes time to seek a care facility for your loved one, you’ll want to keep them nearby. Florence, South Carolina is home to several top care facilities in the state, however, accidents do happen. Negligence of a staff member or inattention to details can cause a Florence nursing home injury. If this has happened to your loved one, this is not the time to sit idle as the court processes your claim and allows the care facility off the hook. The Hughey Law Firm specializes in the litigation of Florence nursing home injuries so you and your loved ones can get the compensation needed to care for any injuries sustained and ensure that this never happens again.

Florence Workers’ Compensation

An injury in the workplace is a huge hassle in one’s life. It often involves hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical bills, time spent out of work and even permanent injury. It is your right to seek the benefits you deserve through Florence workers’ compensation. Florence workers’ compensation, however, can be quite confusing with all the paperwork and proof of injury that is required. That is why you should contact an attorney who understand Florence workers’ compensation and can assist you through this process. Your injury caused you enough pain, why let Florence workers’ compensation cause even more?

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