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Pedestrians and cyclists are supposed to have the right of way on South Carolina roads. Unfortunately, drivers face many distractions today and unprotected walkers and riders in crosswalks, intersections and on roadsides face an increased risk of injury and death in pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Our personal injury lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina understand full well that a pedestrian or bicyclist in most cases is not going to be able to avoid injury after a collision. In a matter of seconds, your life or a loved one’s can change forever. It is important you have a result-driven personal injury lawyer in your corner if you have suffered injuries from a collision while walking or on your bicycle.

Free Consultation • Personal Injury Cases Handled on Contingency*If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed in a bike or pedestrian accident, seek legal help by way of a free consultation at the Hughey Law Firm. We have helped numerous victims of driver negligence obtain full and fair money damages from the insurance companies responsible for covering the claim. We fight for pedestrians and cyclists injured by negligent motorists. With insurance companies trying to get by with bare minimum compensation, having Hughey Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in Charleston will allow you to be awarded the best compensation possible given your case details.

No Insurance Money?Oftentimes, pedestrian accidents involve an uninsured motorist hit and run. Our personal injury attorneys in Charleston SC will also file a claim against your own insurance or uninsured motorist policy if money cannot be obtained from another insurance policy.

Contact us if you have a claim for a pedestrian or bicycle accident, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Sidewalk injuries, bus stop injuries
  • Crosswalk or intersection accidents
  • Parking lot or parking ramp accidents
  • Child hit by a car
  • Cyclist premises liability claims.

We will seek a timely, full and fair settlement and will take your pedestrian or cycle crash case to trial in the event the insurance company does not negotiate in a reasonable way to cover your losses.

*Fees calculated before expenses. No fees or expenses owed if we do not recover.

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