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Every car accident can upset its victims. If another driver’s negligence injured you in a car accident, it’s that much more upsetting—and you need an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney to help you through the process.

Meeting with an attorney for the first time can seem daunting, but there’s no reason for that—your car accident attorney’s job is to help you feel comfortable navigating the legal process in your quest for just compensation. You can, however, do several things to help prepare for a productive first meeting with your South Carolina car accident lawyer.

How to Choose a Firm

Like any first meeting, your first interview with a South Carolina car accident attorney provides you with the opportunity to determine if you’re comfortable working with the legal team in question. But how do you choose a firm or attorney in the first place?

Rather than simply jumping into a decision blind, do some initial research. This means talking to your friends, associates, family members, and people whom you trust about their experiences with law firms in the Charleston area. Ask them about whom they’d recommend and why. Trust their recommendations, which are usually the best place to start, but remember that you can also do some digging around online to get a feel for the firm you’re considering.

The next step is to make the call to schedule a consultation, which—because it’s the first step—can be the most daunting step of all. Never fear, however—you’ve got this.

It’s not as difficult as it might seem. The dedicated legal team at the Hughey Law Firm in Charleston understands that the legal process might intimidate many people, but we’re here to walk you through it. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them. No matter how large or how small, your car accident claim matters, and we’re committed to aggressively advocating for your claim’s just resolution.

What Comes Next?

If a car accident injured you and you’ve scheduled an appointment with a Charleston firm that comes well-recommended, what’s next? Remember that while this first meeting will provide you with the opportunity to get comfortable working with your attorney, it’s also an opportunity to share the specifics of your claim. This means that you’ll provide the interviewing attorney with the how, what, why, when, who, and where details of your case so that your attorney can—in turn—better evaluate your situation and guide you toward its best possible resolution.

Do Your Prep Work

If you were injured in a car accident, your top priority is to seek immediate medical attention. Your second-most important task is to collect the evidence associated with your accident. If you’re able to collect this evidence yourself, do so. If you aren’t, enlist a bystander, passenger, friend, or family member to do it for you.

  • Take pictures and videos with your smartphone that capture the scene of the accident from every angle. Get close-ups of damage to each vehicle, and don’t forget to include license plates in the photos.
  • Record eyewitness statements in corroboration of your accident statement. Obtain all eyewitness contact information.
  • Make a sketch of the overall accident scene—where it happened, how it happened, whose car was where and when, and any mitigating circumstances. Take time to note any damage, obstacles, or debris on the road; impediments to clear vision; bad road conditions related to inclement weather; and anything else that may pertain to the accident.
  • Collect all written records or documents pertinent to the accident, including police reports.
  • As soon after the accident as possible, write a brief narrative in your own words that outlines your account of how, why, when, and where the accident took place. The mayhem associated with car accidents is often overwhelming and can blur your memories, so quickly writing down your memories could prove invaluable.

Every car accident is unique, but any evidence that you can collect will help your case and will allow your prospective car accident attorney to better assess your claim.

The Attorney’s Role

You’ve done your legwork, so what should you expect from a prospective attorney at an initial meeting? An attorney worth any salt at all will listen to your explanation of the accident, will examine the evidence you’ve compiled, will carefully consider your legal claim, and will explain your options and the viability of your case in easy-to-understand layman’s terms.

Someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, but some cases are more viable than others. Expect your prospective lawyer to tell it to you straight and to provide you with an explanation of your claim’s most likely path and potential outcome.

If an attorney in an initial meeting suggests a guaranteed outcome, consider that a red flag. No case’s outcome is ever guaranteed—that’s not how the law works—but if you find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable working and you continue to persevere, you improve the odds that your claim will ultimately prevail.

If a Car Accident Injured You, Schedule a Meeting With a Charleston Car Accident Attorney Today

A car accident injury that someone else’s negligence caused is difficult enough, but you may feel that having to schedule, prepare for, and meet with an attorney can take the stress to the next level.

Never fear—your car accident attorney is on your side and will work with you to help ensure just compensation for your claim. The dedicated legal team at the Hughey Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina, has the experience, skill, and commitment to help guide your claim toward it’s best possible resolution, and we look forward to meeting with you. We’re here to help, so please contact or call us at (843) 881-8644 today.

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