I love being a Charleston Injury Lawyer – My job and my clients – attorney Nathan Hughey

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I love helping and encouraging.

We help people when their lives are turned upside down by the fact that #nursinghome and #hospital chains often put profits over people, as to other large corporations. Or when they have an #accident from a wreck causes by a #drunkdriver. Or someone sending #text messages while driving. Or someone getting hurt due to defective conditions. It’s one type of #accident or a another.

Our clients are able to fight battles against huge, wealthy corporations by holding them accountable in a fair and neutral forum. It’s us against them – #DavidvGoliath, however you want to say it. I love being the #underdog because I love the people and families we represent. I get to meet people from all over this state of different backgrounds and stories – and I put myself in their shoes. Being an #injurylawyer means wearing a lot of hats, seeing a lot of hurt and pain, and doing as we are all called to do – encourage one another.

Spent all afternoon on a case where my client’s son lost his life in a #wrongfuldeath case as a result of deception and misinformation a huge company used in its marketing to make money – rather than protect. I kept hearing and seeing his voice as I worked. It’s inspiring. It’s nothing I do. It’s just working hard and having faith that justice prevails. We enjoy what we do.

Some days are really special. Two days recently, clients have had their children at the office the entire day during mediation. It’s a lot of fun to negotiate while a child watches Despicable Me in my office or sits and draws at the desk, etc. I really love the genuine people I get to meet.

Other than the joy of coaching little kids in sports or teaching Sunday school, etc. there is not much else I’d rather be doing if I can’t be at home.

Speaking of home,too many people in this profession care about the biggest boat, newest car, who is in what country club, who is going to get an air plane, a mountain house, etc.

If we find peace and joy somewhere other than material goods, it flows out of us to others and right back at us. That’s all for now. Life is good.