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I am attorney Nathan Hughey.

Welcome to Hughey Law Firm’s South Carolina Personal Injury Blog.  It is now live.  We hope you find it interesting and would love for

you to subscribe to our South Carolina Personal Injury Law Blog.  I am Nathan Hughey, and I hope that you will find our Hughey Law Firm blog to be informative.

By way of background, South Carolina injury lawyer Nathan Hughey and the

Nathan Hughey
Nathan Hughey

South Carolina attorneys at Hughey Law Firm handle a wide variety of civil litigation.

At Hughey Law Firm, Nathan Hughey and Hughey Law Firm’s personnel serve as auto accident attorneys, car wreck lawyers, a South Carolina truck accident law firm, motorcycle , bicycle, and pedestrian claims, and many other South Carolina injury lawyer services.

Attorney Nathan Hughey and Hughey Law Firm handle slip and fall lawsuits, work as premises liability lawyers, and the lawyers at Hughey Law Firm are involved in defective product litigation, representing persons injured by defective and dangerous products.  Hughey Law Firm handles South Carolina Wrongful Death defective highway lawsuits and has handled many traumatic brain injury lawsuits, cervical injuries, spinal cord and back injuries, cases involving amputation and wrongful death, and other matters.

$1,650,000.00 auto case
$1,650,000.00 auto case
$1,625,000.00 premises liability case

Nathan Hughey has obtained recoveries for victims of attacks by animals, including dog bite injury awards and settlements.***  South Carolina dram shop lawyers include those like attorney Nathan Hughey who file and prosecute cases against bars, restaurants, and other establishments that violate South Carolina’s dram shop laws.

These include drunk driving auto accidents, and Hughey Law Firm has handled cases involving bicycle wrecks caused by drunk drivers, illegal texting and driving lawsuits, and other similar claims.  South Carolina’s laws hold a bar responsible if a legally intoxicated person injures someone, and South Carolina auto accident attorney Nathan Hughey has handled these matters previously.  Hughey Law Firm has handled assault and battery lawsuits against bars, including wrongful death stabbing injuries and fractured skull injuries from negligence.

^HLFlogoHughey Law Firm’s premises liability claims include South Carolina settlements from homeowner’s insurance as a result of homeowner negligence, and claims as South Carolina slip and fall attorneys against stores for having dangerous conditions on the premises.

We have handled defective sidewalk lawsuits in South Carolina, as well as South Carolina elevator injury cases.  Additionally, South Carolina injury attorney

Auto case
Auto case

Nathan Hughey has successfully recovered for multiple clients with golf cart injury claims, including one client who suffered the same  mechanism of injuries that caused Dale Earnhardt’s death.

Other premises liability claims include slip and falls due to wet floors, fractured ankle lawsuits from ice, and children’s lawsuits as a result of unsafe playgrounds.  Hughey Law Firm day care injury lawyers have prosecuted wrongful death claims and serious injury claims against day care centers for failing to provide for safe day care to children.  We handle bad faith insurance claims, including life insurance, health insurance and other claims.

Insurance bad faith attorney Nathan Hughey has handled and argued life insurance claims in South Carolina in the trial courts, appeals courts, and the South Carolina Supreme Court.  The blog will address different issues over time.  We handle workers’s compensation in South Carolina, medical malpractice claims, maritime claims, boating accident lawsuits, and similar matters.

We will touch on many different areas in this blog, and it is useful to you.

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