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Charleston auto accident attorney Nathan Hughey

I love my job because I get to meet awesome people and represent them when they have been wronged.  I feel like every case teaches me something new about life and allows me to learn things I will never forget.


Charleston wreck lawyer Nathan Hughey

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Just this past week, I have had cases involving :

  1. (1) A client from London, England, who grew up in Ireland, went back to England and served in the Royal Air Force for twenty years before retiring and moving to the United States.  He was working in South Carolina when he was involved in an auto accident in Lexington;

(2) A 17 year old girl who attends Academic Magnet High School who suffered scarring on her face after another driver ran a red-light and hit the car she was riding in – I got to spend Thursday with her and her father- who himself grew up in the Virgin Islands, and had raised his family for a year on a sailboat, now working at SPAWAR in Charleston;

(3) A Purple Heart, three Bronze Star veteran who has been all around the world, from Jamaica Queen through Vietnam to Charleston, and who was full of more interesting stories than about anyone I ever met – he suffered injuries at at hospital after multiple falls.


The week before, I spent time with clients:BSIeMScCEAAzeLq

  1.  From Spartanburg, Charleston and Columbia who grew up farming their family’s land – their father ied in an assisted livingfacility;
  2. A woman from Lancaster South Carolina who suffered injuries in an automobile accident, also grew up farming, and
  3. A very sweet client who spend her career in education, originally from New York, raised a son who is now a doctor, and whose husband suffered fractures and falls in an assisted living facility.

Some people have to sit behind a desk all day and move paperwork.  I get to meet and hang out with people from little kids through seniors of all different ages, backgrounds, races, and at the end of the day, I find out that they all have


a great story to share.
Its truly a blessing to be able to represent people like that for a living.  I love it.