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If you have been injured while working at sea, in port or elsewhere on the water, your personal injury claim falls into a specific category of maritime law, regulated by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act/Jones Act. Attorney Nathan Hughey and the lawyers of Hughey Law Firm handle claims in all areas of admiralty law and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act/Jones Act claims for seamen, river workers and their families.

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Our experience in personal injury law allows us to tackle the most serious cases. Hughey Law Firm handles work injuries to seamen and people who fall under admiralty law on the job, including:

  • Maritime and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act/Jones Act claims
  • Longshoreman third party claims
  • Seamen’s wage claims
  • Oil Rig and platform workers
  • Barge workers and crews
  • Jack-up rig workers and crews
  • Tug and supply boat workers and crews
  • Tankers, freighter and other ocean going crews
  • Commercial fishing fleet workers

Maintenance and Cure

The legal procedures for families filing for maintenance and cure under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act/Jones Act are complex and often lead to frustration. Attorney Nathan Hughey has a Captain’s license and ran vessels for a living prior to becoming an attorney. He knows the waters of Charleston Harbor and South Carolina like a courtroom. The lawyers of Hughey Law Firm stand ready to handle your claims for injuries sustained on the water.

We offer a free initial consultation and handle work injury legal claims on a contingency. We don’t charge attorney fees unless we help you recover money for your claim. We also will not charge you costs if we cannot recover. *Fees are calculated before expenses.

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“Thank you Hughey Law Firm! It was a pleasure to work with you on my case! From the beginning, every contact I had with your firm was professional, kind, helpful, and painless! I always felt kept in the loop, and important to you as a client. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney with integrity, I would highly recommend Hughey Law Firm!”

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