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This article discusses a  lawsuit filed as a result of a post on a website.

In South Carolina, we generally have conservative juries in most counties (a few lucky Plaintiff’s lawyers home counties excepted), but verdicts have historically been large for #libel and  lawsuits.

In general, to succeed in a defamation claim in South Carolina, a Plaintiff must show malice in addition to a false statement.  However, a few areas of  are still beneficial to us  in terms of defamation.  First, if you allege someone is unfit in their profession, that is defamatory per se.  Malice is presumed.

The same applies if someone is  they did not , crimes of  turpitude.   of stealing, etc.  Third, if one is alleged to have a   and does not, this is presumed malice.

Finally, it is defamatory per se if a woman is alleged to be  (don’t call someone a ho if they aren’t).

We have handled   claims before in South Carolina.  We handle all #referrals 50/50 and will front case costs.